While there are literally dozens of travel sites on the internet, not all of them are good. It is a simple fact that some sites are just better than others because they are easy to use, offer great deals, or have a host of interesting and useful features. Here are the top 10 travel sites that everyone needs to see and visit whenever they are on the lookout for travel information!

1 – Tripadvisor.com
Tripadviser.com is a great site and should definitely be near the top of everyone’s travel site list. Not only does the site offer great deals on travel arrangements, it also has a friendly and active forum where a traveler can get their questions answered quickly.

2 – Homeaway.com
If you like renting houses or condos when you travel instead of staying in a hotel room then this is the site for you. There are many places where renting this way can save you as much as 50% off of the price of a hotel room!

3 – Homeexchange.com
This is another great way to find a place to stay while you are traveling. If you are willing to exchange a stay in your vacation home or personal home with someone else this can be a great way to see something new and avoid the whole hotel experience.

4 – Hotwire.com / Priceline.com
These are some of the best sites on the internet for people who are looking to stay in a hotel while they travel. It is advised to browse both sites and comparison shop for the best deals! Biddingfortravel.com is a must-see site for anyone who has not bid on Priceline.com before.

5 – Kayak.com / Bing.com/travel
Bing is a very cool travel search tool because they have a feature which allows you to see if a price is projected to go up or down in the next week or so. This makes it a great place to shop for cheap airline tickets and rental cars. Kayak.com has a very user-friendly interface and offers a user the ability to see results from multiple travel sites at once.

6 – Couchsurfing.org
If you don’t mind an unorthodox traveling experience, then Couchsurfing.org might be just what you’re looking for. While most people do not think of sleeping on someone else’s couch as part of their travel plans, there are plenty of people who do and who don’t mind giving up their couch for the night to prove it.

7 – Stumbleupon.com
While not a travel site in and of itself, Stumbleupon.com is an easy way to find new and interesting travel sites. Just set your interests to “Travel” and get to Stumbling your way around the internet!

8 – Caretaker.org
Looking for a place to stay for the long-term while you are traveling? A subscription to the “Caretaker Gazette” is $29.95 per year and allows you to have access to ads posted by homeowners all over the world. Some even offer paid opportunities in exchange for maintenance and upkeep of the home.

9 – Earthwatch.org
Interested in scientific research? Want to travel to some new places and have an impact while you’re on the move? Look no further than Earthwatch.org. Scientists looking for a few extra hands can post their projects here and you can sign up to help them out! Listings tell you about the details of the project and let you contact the original poster.

10 – TripIt.com
Offering a free and a premium service, TripIt.com is a site that helps you save and organize websites and other information for your next travel itinerary. You can then print this information our or share with others through the site. You will have an option to add something to your web browser that helps you save any site to your profile and add it to a trip later, keeping all of your information in one place for easy access.