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If you are planning to get married soon, and you're on a tight budget, how can you save money on your wedding? From the location you choose, the food you serve, the beverages the guests drink, the dress you buy, and the wedding favors you purchase, there are many ways you can save money on a wedding.   Check out the great tips below so you can have the wedding of your dreams without ending up with a financial nightmare!

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#1: Start with a Wedding Budget

One of the most important things you can do is start out knowing exactly how much you have to spend. Whatever amount that is, decrease it by 10% and enter the remaining amount into the wedding calculator that you will find on The wedding calculator will spew out a list of everything most people spend money when they get married, and how much you can allot for each item in order to stay within your budget. You may want to read the article, "Budget for a $3000 Wedding with 50 Guests," to get an idea what the figures might look like.

When I put together the budget for the $3000 wedding, I started with the wedding calculator, but then I eliminated some of the items on their list, such as renting a tuxedo for an impossibly small amount of money, in favor of adding that amount to some other budget items. I thought it would be more realistic for the groom to wear a suit or coat and tie that he already owned. With the modifications I made to their original list of budget items, I was able to put together a budget of my own that would be very realistic.

I also suggest that young couples buy this cheap paperback or Kindle book from Amazon that has tons of suggestions to help you save money, as well as a very detailed budget plan.  You can find a link to its Amazon page here:

"Romantic Budget Wedding Ideas"

#2: Buy a Discount Wedding Dress

There are many places where you can buy a discount wedding dress. You can also find discount wedding dresses at and similar websites. The article "Buy Discount Wedding Dresses" has a complete list, and you will find even more suggestions in the book mentioned above.

#3: Keep the Formal Photos to a Minimum

Do you have a friend who takes great photos? You may consider asking them to handle the photographs for you, and then you can download their pictures to a site like and create your own professional looking photo album. If you do decide to use a professional photographer, purchase the least expensive package they offer.

#4: Stay Within Your Budget for Food

One place where it is easy to exceed your budget amount is on food. Do you really need a sit down dinner for all the guests? A simple buffet could work just as well, and is often less expensive. You can even go for a lot of appetizers or a selection of deli meats and a variety of salads from the local grocery store. If served in an attractive style, with generous quantities of food, and a nice selection, there is no need for you to use a full service caterer.

#5: Limit or Eliminate the Alcohol Served

The decision on whether or to serve alcohol is up to you. However, alcohol is one of the most expensive items you will pay for. There are several solutions. First, you could decide on a morning wedding, followed by lunch and not serve alcohol at all. Next, you could have an evening reception, but only serve only a limited amount of beer and wine. Finally, you could serve just one type of mixed drink, such as Margaritas. Before you make a final decision, you will want to get a price on exactly what the alcohol will cost ... including the cost of having a bartender if you decide to serve mixed drinks.

#6: Shop Around For the Wedding Cake

Although a formal and elegant wedding cake may look nice, it is not necessary for you to go all out for a huge cake. You can easily buy a small one and, if you feel you need a second choice, or a "groom's cake," buy your additional cake from the bakery department at your grocery store or from Costco.  They can produce some very attractive cakes with special themes, and do it at an affordable price. 

#7: Save Money on Favors

First of all, there is absolutely no requirement that you purchase gifts or wedding favors for your guests, especially if you are trying to save money when you get married. The fact that you are on a limited budget, but still trying to serve food and cake to everyone is quite enough. However, if you want some ideas for very inexpensive favors that you can purchase for your guests to commemorate your wedding, you can find several websites that offer cheap choices. Just remember, it really isn't necessary!!

#8: Find an Affordable Venue

Home ceremonies have been popular for hundreds of years, and they are still popular today. If your home is not large enough to accommodate the guests and wedding party, look around. Do you have a friend or relative who might be willing to let you use their home? If you live in a condo or apartment complex, is there a clubhouse that you could use with just a small deposit? If you live where there is a mild climate, is there a lovely park or beach where you could have the ceremony? With a little creativity you will discover that it is not necessary to rent a large hall or restaurant for your reception.

#9: Save Money on Music

With the availability of iPods and your own speaker system, it is no longer always necessary to have a wedding band or even a disc jockey. If you know the songs that you would like to have played at the reception, create your own play list. Everyone will have a great time, and it will cost you nothing, other than a little pre-planning.

#10: Get Married in Las Vegas

One of the least expensive places to get married is Las Vegas. A wedding license costs less than $100, and a nice wedding package at a chapel, including the cost of the minister, a bouquet of flowers and a few photos, can be found for less than $250. Add in the cost of your travel, and a few nights at a hotel, and it is a quick, simple and reasonably priced location for your ceremony, dinner reception and honeymoon. Depending on how expensive your travel is, it is quite reasonable to expect that your wedding and honeymoon combined will cost you only $2000 to $3000.

If you are thinking about this option, I suggestion to get the inexpensive paperback of Kindle book that explains everything you need to know.  You can find it at the Amazon link below:

"Your Guide to a Fabulous Las Vegas Wedding"

If you are within driving distance, and stay at an inexpensive hotel, it could cost substantially less. Some of your friends and relatives may want to come along at their own expense. I have attended four weddings in Las Vegas, and they were all quite nice and very affordable.

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