Take a stand and help animals in need!
Credit: Victoria Trix

Volunteering is very important and one of the biggest things that you can help with are animal rescues. There are many great ways that you can help animal rescues and knowing this is really important. There are many animals that are without a good home and what you can do to help them will mean a lot of the people that are organizing these rescues and the animals that need a new home and a new family that they can get the love that they deserve with.

1. Go Walk the Dogs

A lot of the options for helping animal rescues involves getting out and helping the animals. One thing that they are going to need is that they are going to need to make sure that they are getting out and getting exercise. Plus, by you walking them, you are doing much more than just helping animal rescues, you are also helping to get them socialized and make it so that they are more adoptable, which is really important.

2. Help Feed and Clean Up After the Animals

Rescues are generally drastically understaffed and for that reason that are drastically overworked. A great way to be helping animal rescues is that you can help feed them and clean up after them. You want to make sure that the animal rescues look clean so that they are good to go and so that people want to adopt the pets, so cleaning and feeding is a great way to be helping animal rescues. Make sure that you are looking into volunteering and see where you can volunteer with these organizations and help them out with what they need.

3. Sewing Items for Them

You will find that when looking at helping animal rescues, you can really help them out by sewing for them. Most of these kennels have hard floors, so by sewing some great blankets for them, they are going to get a home and a bed that they can call their own. Helping animal rescues by sewing items for them is a great idea and you will ensure that every dog that is sleeping there has a place that they are comfortable and that they are warm in.

4. Knitting Items for Them

There are two ways that you can be helping animal rescues by knitting for them. First, you can knit blankets and beds that the animals are going to be able to chill out on and be comfortable and warm. Or, when you are helping animal rescues by knitting, you can create items that they can sell for fundraisers so that they can get just what they need. This is something to check out for sure and see if the rescues near you can use that help and are going to be able to use the items you are going to knit for them.

5. Planning Fundraisers

Animal rescues aren’t funded by the state or by taxpayers, they are generally non-profit organizations that are on their own. For that reasons, they need all the help that they can when it comes to getting money and most animal rescues are always hurting for money. When you are looking into helping animal rescues, plan fundraisers. You are doing a great thing helping animal rescues and creating fundraisers that is going to allow them to bring in the cash that they need to keep the doors open and to do just what they were hoping to do when the rescue was founded.

6. Hold Auctions for Animal Rescues

A great thing that you can do when you want to be helping animal rescues is that you can hold auctions. The great thing with auctions is that people love them and that they are really easy to hold. You will want to get donated items so that you are helping animal rescues and have a date. You need a location, generally at the rescue is a great idea or someplace near it that has a lot of space. Make sure that you are checking these out for a great fundraiser idea.

7. Hold Yard Sales for Animal Rescues

You probably have a ton of items in your house that you aren’t using. Why not be helping animal rescues by holding a yard sale at your house and donating the money. This is a great way to get just what you need and to get to helping animal rescues and donating the money that they are going to need. Find some items and start advertising so that you can hold a great yard sale that is going to really bring some money in.

8. Make Items to Sell Online

You can make a lot of money for animal rescues by making crafts and selling them online. Whether you are going to sell off of their website or you are going to open an Ebay account or an Etsy shop, these are really going to help you out. Make sure that you are looking into helping animal rescues by selling items that you have made online like hair bows, dresses, knitted items, and much more.

9. Have a Spaghetti Dinner

People love to eat spaghetti and a very common thing that you will find raises money are fundraisers like these. With these spaghetti dinners, you are going to be helping animal rescues and the overhead really isn’t much. So, by doing this, you are raising money, helping animal rescues, feeding people, and bringing them together for a great cause.

10. Ask for Donations From Businesses

To be helping animal rescues, you should ask for donations from businesses. Make sure that you are getting a great list of businesses and go around and ask them for donations. You can create a donation letter that lists the way to write this off on their taxes and see if you can generate money so that you can be helping these animal rescues. This is a great way to get the money that you are going to need for these rescues.

No matter what you do to help remember that the most important thing is to do something. Without help many animals will go without food and shelter.