Almost every writer here on InfoBarrel wants to increase their earnings. Regardless of how much you are making, you will probably be looking to increase you earnings. Here are some tips and ideas on how to increase you InfoBarrel Earnings

Write and Publish


The biggest key to earning more money with InfoBarrel is to write and publish more articles. If you are not consistently adding more articles each month then you cannot increase your income. Even if you are only able to add 10 articles you will at least be moving forward towards increasing your income. Many new writers here in InfoBarrel seem to want to know how much they can earn, but they quit writing after publish only a handful of articles because they are not seeing quick results.

Writing for InfoBarrel will not bring you quick riches, but if you consistently publish new articles you will see your passive income increasing each month. In General, the more articles you have the more you can earn. If you want to make a lot of money then you should work towards a goal of 1,000 or more articles.

Write Interesting Content


Interesting articles are what you need to publish here on InfoBarrel. In the past many writers found success with writing 400-500 word generic articles such as “buy cheap widget cheaper” and other similarly generic and bland articles. The only goal of these articles is to suck in traffic from the search engines and then get clicks on the Adsense ads. With Panda and all of the other Google Algorithms changes this strategy does not work near as well anymore and could also hurt you severely in the future.

Focus on writing interesting articles that people actually may enjoy reading. In the long run your earnings will benefit because you are providing good content for your readers and are much less likely to get penalized by Google.

Add Pictures

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The more pictures you add then the more you can earn. Once images get indexed by Google Image search you can earn additional money off of the images since each image also has its own dedicated page with Adsense ads on it. In addition to increased revenue the images will also help to drive some of the Google Image searchers from the image to the actual article.

Pictures also help break up the article, make it more interesting, and can even attract people towards the ads. When you are sharing an article on Face Book you will tend to get more visitors overtime if you have interesting pictures to go with the article.

Increase Your Revenue Share Each Month


Simply increasing your revenue share from the standard 75% to 90% each month will increase your potential earnings, especially if you already have a large folio of articles. If you have 200 or more articles and are not increasing your revenue share each month then you are leaving free money on the table. Why get only 75% of the ad impressions when you can easily get 90% simply by earning points writing and submitting articles that fit in with the editorial calendar.

Social Networking

Many authors here on InfoBarrel get very little traffic from social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. One of the best ways to get some additional traffic from Facebook is to share an article you wrote and published here on Facebook, and then message your friends asking them to “like it” and to reshare it. If a handful of friends repost this for you and then in turn their friends see it then your article can get a lot more traffic and earnings.  

It is very rare that a viral style article will go viral on its’ own, but with the proper social network to support you then it can go viral easier as long as you ask your social network friends and family for some help.

Google Analytics

It is vital that you integrate your Google Analytics with your Google Adsense. You can use custom URL’s in Adsense to track earnings, but you will only be able to do that with a limited number of articles. By integrating your InfoBarrel Google Analytics with Adsense you will be able to see how much you earn with each and every article regardless of how many you publish.

By tracking your Adsense earnings on InfoBarrel within Google Analytics you will have a lot more information and stats available to you. You can use this information to overcome writers block and to write more articles that people are finding and clicking in the ads on.

Stay Focused

It can be hard to use the internet and stay focused on your writing. You can easily get distracted when you are doing research for a topic. There are many other distractions also such as Facebook. You may turn on your computer intending to research and write an article but you instead spend a couple of hours on Facebook. Write down some moderate goals and then stick with them no matter what. You may only have a moderate goal of 20 articles a month, but if you focus on that target then you will be able to meet your goal. If you can consistently add 20 articles each month your earnings will gradually go up. On the other hand if you have high goals you can set a target of writing 90 articles a month for InfoBarrel and you will see your earnings increase much faster, but it will still take time.

Have Fun

There will always be times where you may feel burned out or simply tired of writing articles. This is all part of the process that affects all writers at various times. The key is to enjoy the overall process of writing here for InfoBarrel. If you are writing an article and get bored of the topic simply set it aside to finish at a later time and then begin working in an article with a topic you currently find interesting.