These days we are all educated on what is healthy and what is not. Day to day stresses and strains can take their toll on our health and make it hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Good health though is not about living a restrictive life but simply caring enough about yourself to act sensibly. A little of what you fancy may be good for you now on then but indulging to excess may cause health problems.

Here are a few ideas how you can live a healthy life.


With Christmas approaching fast most people are set to overindulge on a mammoth scale. Avoiding certain fats will help your heart and well-being. Trans fatty acids or hydrogenated fats are the worst kind. Check the food labels when possible and shop accordingly.


Although a little sugar may not be harmful, eating a diet rich in sweet, sugary foods could lead to poor health. Limit your intake of candy, chocolate, puddings, biscuits and cakes. The bonus is you will probably lose some weight also.


We often claim that we exercise enough due to our work and the like. However, most people do not exercise enough. Walking more than using the car can benefit the environment as well as your joints and bones. Incorporating a few simple exercises into your daily routine can help your muscles and tone your body in general.


You do not need to be teetotal unless you want to, but restricting your alcohol intake will be beneficial to your health. Drinking alcohol on a regular basis could lead to liver problems or alcoholism. Incorporate more fresh water into your diet also, for improved health.


As an ex smoker I know that quitting can be hard. However, it will probably be the best achievement of your life if you can. Your lifespan will be extended, your finances improved, you will smell fresher and be much healthier.


We all have to take prescribed medication from our doctor at times but taking recreational drugs will not do you and your health any favours. In the long run such practices may cause heart problems, addiction and so much more. It will be far better to just say NO.

Fresh fruit and vegetables.

Your diet needs to include a varied supply of fresh fruit and vegetables. The antioxidants in such foods will help you to maintain good health.

Red meat.

These days it is generally accepted that eating red meat should be kept to a minimum. With the variety of foods available these days this should be easy to accomplish.


A little stress is normal. Most people need some to survive. The problem with stress in extreme amounts is that it can lead to ill health. If you have too much daily stress make sure that, you eradicate it. This may mean changing job or reducing your working hours but you must take control. If it is possible, try to talk with your line manager to discuss the stress you are under.

If you have daily stress gradually, your health will decline. Stress can lead to anxiety, depression, weight gain and lack of self believe, for example.


We all need to relax to redress the life work balance. Simply crashing out when you arrive home from work is not relaxing. Try some breathing exercises, take up a hobby and make sure that you have some ME time.

Be happy

Smile and laugh whenever and wherever you can. Laughter is good for you. It can help you unwind and aid relaxation.

If you are one of those people who can see the funny side of life, you will fair much better than if you are a worrier. Worrying never solves anything but it can make you ill.

We all have our fair share of cares and woes, so grab the good times when they arrive and have some fun.

In Conclusion

Once you incorporate some healthy living into you life you will feel so much better. There is no doubt that you will have more energy, your skin and hair will be in peak condition, you may be slimmer and you will feel able to face the world.