Coffee makes the world go round. It has been consumed as a beverage by many cultures over the last several hundred years and may have even been discovered in the 9th century. All this history as created lots of different ways to make the delightful beverage and people from many cultures enjoy it brewed differently. Taste and preference will always influence one's favorite way to make coffee. However, the top 10 ways to make coffee will show you some ways that many people have fallen in love with for one reason or another. Here are the top 10 brewing methods.  

10. Automatic Drip Coffee

In the western world there is no doubt about it, the automatic drip coffee maker is the most common way to make coffee. In fact, many people don't realize that there are lots (and lots) of different ways to make the rich beverage around the world. The automatic drip coffee maker is a machine that you fill with water, add coffee grounds, and turn on. It heats the water up, pours it over the coffee grinds and has coffee made in a short about of time.

Pros: The best thing about the automatic drip coffee maker and the coffee it makes is that it is really fast and really easy. Many people love having a machine that you can program it to make coffee when you want it. This can make it so you have coffee right when you get up.

Cons: The coffee just isn't as good as it is with many other types of coffee. To be fair, in order for you to enjoy coffee, you actually have to like the taste of coffee and not just want the caffeine. It should also be noted that some machines do a pretty good job at giving you great flavor including the Cuisinart we bought awhile back.  

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9. Melitta Coffee

The Melitta is a plastic cone that sits on top of a coffee cup. A paper filter is placed into it. Ground coffee is added to the filter. You will then slowly pour hot water over the coffee grounds. This is a very inexpensive way to make coffee and you can buy a Melitta for less than $5.

Pros: It's fast and easy. You boil water, you pour it over, and you drink your coffee. It is also really easy to clean up since you just dump the filter and wash the plastic cone.

Cons: Most people who really like to make their coffee this way enjoy the coffee. However, there are a few concerns by some others. One is that this is plastic so it is probably leaching chemicals into your coffee (though the drip coffee maker is no better) and it uses paper filters which does lower the quality of your coffee (again it depends on what you use on your drip coffee maker as to whether this is worse than your drip brewer).  


8. Vietnamese Coffee

A similar system to the Militta is Vietnamese coffee. This uses a small metal filter that sits on the cup. Coffee is put into the filter and it is rest on top of the coffee cup.

Pros: It's easy to use and makes a good cup of coffee. It's hard to get better than that. It also costs a few dollars for one of these little coffee makers.

Cons: It is harder to clean than the Melitta and the coffee is made in a very similar way. While you don't have to worry about plastic or paper involved in the process, the coffee isn't that much better.  

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7. Espresso

Espresso is made by forcing water through the coffee grounds under a lot of pressure. There are all sorts of machines out there from the ones that force the water through by hand pressing it or an electric one.

Pros: Espresso is a deep and rich drink. When combined with steamed milk it is really good and cappuccinos and lattes are best created with espresso. Sure you can do it with the coffee from other brew types, but it just isn't the same.

Cons: Making espresso is a bit of a process. This is especially true if you are going to be making a drink with your espresso and steamed milk. Espresso machines are also more expensive. Finish it up with a more difficult clean up process and it is these factors that push espresso coffee way down here rather than the actual results that the machine produces.  

Espresso(95267)Credit: Mark Prince, Coffeegeek, Wikipedia, PDCredit: Mark Prince, Coffeegeek, Wikipedia, PD

6. Moka Pot

The moka pot is a small stove top brewer. It has a chamber in the bottom that you fill with water. An upside funnel shaped filter sits in the bottom and has coffee grounds in it. The water is then forced through the coffee grounds and then produces coffee in the top.

Pros: The moka pot has the potential to make a very good cup of coffee. It is strong and often used in milk based drinks similar to espresso or drank in a small espresso cup.

Cons: The biggest down side is that it really isn't easy to do. It takes some practice in order to get the hang of making coffee this way.  

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5. Percolator Coffee

A percolator is another long term method that is used on the stove top. While it isn't a common type of brewing method, it does work well and once you get used to how it works you will be able to make good coffee with it.

Pros: This is a simple way to make coffee and sometimes simple really is the best option possible.

Cons: It can be good coffee, but it isn't usually the best coffee. It doesn't always get the most out of the coffee. It also takes some getting used to.


4. Aeropress Coffee

The aeropress is a fancy press. You will pour hot water over the coffee grounds. Give it a few seconds to brew, and slowly press the water through. It produces a very strong cup of coffee that you then adjust to your tastes by using water.

Pros: Aeropress coffee is really good. It can easily be used anywhere that you can get hot water. It is also fully adjustable because you are adding your own water to the mix.

Cons: While the coffee is amazing, the con of this little device is that it doesn't quite live up to the standards it advertises including that it can't make espresso and it is probably not the best coffee in the world even though it claims to have results that good.  

AeropressCredit: Tim Hollosy, Wikipedia, CC BY SACredit: Tim Hollosy, Wikipedia, CC BY SA

3. Cold Brew Coffee

Most people who try cold brew coffee really do think that it is the best coffee there can be. However, it isn't at the top of our list because it isn't that easy to make. You can do it without any equipment and most of the time when you do buy equipment it isn't expensive. To make it does require a bit of a mess and at least 8 hours.

Pros: The coffee is amazing. The cold brew coffee is low in acid and high on flavor. It is coffee concentrate allowing you to get just what you want from the coffee. You can also drink it cold or hot.

Cons: The big cons are that it's messy and it's time consuming. It is really that simple.  

2. Chemex Coffee

The chemex coffee maker is a beautiful glass vase. In the top portion you put a filter (you can use either metal or paper). You fill that with coffee. After the water is heated you will slowly pour it over the coffee grinds. It takes some time, but the coffee drips down into the bottom portion of the vase.

Pros: The coffee that the chemex makes is really good. In fact, it is almost the best coffee ever.

Cons: The two cons to this great coffee include the time that it takes to make since you need to let it slowly down. Second, it is a bit of a messy clean up.  

ChemexCredit: AmazonCredit: Amazon

1. French Press Coffee

Of all the different methods of making coffee all around the world, one of the best that has stood the test of time is the French Press. French press coffee is some of the best and it has a lot of advantages over other brewing methods.

Pros: First, the French press is easy to use. Coffee is easy to brew and it is even one of the easiest ways to brew coffee.

Cons: The only con is the fact that it is much more hands on then using the drip brew method. However, it is still pretty easy.  

French Press(95271)Credit: AmazonCredit: Amazon

If you are after the very best coffee then your best option is to try some new things. If you haven't yet given a French press a try then it is definitely at the top of the list because it makes fantastic coffee, is easy to use, and even easy to clean. You are sure to enjoy your coffee each time you use the French press and maybe, just maybe you will even give up your other coffee brewing methods.