In today's materialistic world, getting people together to work for common cause has become difficult. People get distracted with a host of opportunities available in open market. Therefore, there is a continuous requirement of motivating those people and achieve your goals. Motivating people is a Herculean task given the multiple facets of personalities which needs to be addressed. I have tried to prepare the best possible ways to motivate people from my experiences. These are:

1. Pride and Money. Primarily there are only two reasons with which people get motivated. They can be motivated to work for a pride of the company, region, country etc or for the pride of being unique in the world. Pride is the greatest motivators to build world class establishments. If the person can associate and identify himself with the company, region or country, he feels proud and gets motivated to work even harder. The next important motivator albeit along with pride is money. If people are given adequate money, timely bonus, regular upgrades and sound financial schemes, they will remain ever motivated. If they get adequate money either in cash or kind which as per them is commensurate with the work and competitive, they will not hesitate to remain motivated every time.

2. Responsibilities and Authority. For a particular work, there has to be someone responsible and he has to be given adequate authority to complete that work. However, managers generally fail to instil the responsibility factor into people. Manager feels himself responsible for the work and people should just follow him blindly. But that doesn't happen. Even though the overall responsibilities of accomplishing the work successfully lies with the manager, the people under may be given responsibilities and make them understand that it's their work. This will motivate them to work. Once you make people responsible, it is important to give them adequate authority. If you give responsibilities without adequate authority, they will be in no position to complete the work and subsequently loose motivation to work.

3. Stick and Carrot Policy. Effective motivator has to use this policy. You have to identify performing people and reward them adequately. This will not only motivate them but also motivate others to get that reward sometime in future. With every good performance the manager can boost the morale of those people. However there is a flip side to it as well. Complacency may set in those people. Here manager need to give a proper wake-up call not sarcastically nor negatively. But a good mentoring can be adopted to re-motivate them.

4. Being Hero Syndrome. Most people inherently wish to be liked by one and all. In that bargain, they tend to overlook certain non-performances. This has a very serious consequence. This leads to lack of trust amongst people. The managers should always try to command respect rather than demand respect. If you demand respect, all the non-performers find it easy to give it to you and get away. And as always there are 80% non-performers. Remaining 20% performers find it difficult to remain motivated when they see their manager not doing logical things. When people see that a manager is taking all the steps towards improvement of organisational goal and their living standards, even if at the cost of his image, they will give respect to the manager and will be motivated to work for him. The manager has to keep his entire promises even if small ones promptly.

5. Being a Role Model. This is arguably the greatest motivator for people if they see that their managers are also working hard and they are with them always. Most managers just pass on commands and dedicate themselves to something not relevant to people. People always judge others by the way of working. They will always stand by the person working or doing things with his own hands. Once the people start doing things with their own hands, they will get clarity and transparency in the work. This further motivates them to work and improve their self-esteem.

6. Look after the Needs. The bets motivation can come when people feel that all their needs are taken care of. The needs can be about their family, children, finances, housing, etc. Different people have different perceptions about getting motivated. But mostly, if people feel that top management is doing adequate arrangements for family, children, finances, housing, etc, they will be motivated to concentrate more on their work. This pays rich dividends.

7. Provide Adequate Stress Busters. The work can become monotonous after a period. People feel de-motivated doing same work over and over again. Adequate stress busters can be arranged to motivate people. These can come in the form of music, workouts, refreshments, etc. It is well known that if your mind is free and relaxed, you feel motivated to work harder and better.

8. Stick by the Timeframe. Time can also be greatest motivator. If the work has to be done in a stipulated time frame, everyone feels motivated to work and complete that work in given time. Without timeframe, people feel easy and never worry about the deadlines. This may further bring in lethargy amongst people. Prioritising work and attaching meaningful timeframes for completion motivates people a lot.

9. Feedbacks. Almost every human being craves for feedback. The feedback can be from top to bottom or otherwise. But if people start getting adequate feedback, they feel motivated. There may number of good schemes for the benefit of people. If they don't reach them in time, those schemes become useless. If people don't get adequate feedback, they will create their own feedback probably based on their worst fears. This may translate into mis-communication. This is harmful for any organisation. Let the feedback flow from all sides. This will motivate people feeling that they are part of the system.

10. Think of Future. Creating a vision is an important step for growth of individual or company alike. If this vision can be formulated and communicated to people, they feel even more motivated towards that vision.

This is not an exhaustive list of motivators, but will serve the purpose of creating a motivated lot.