There are many ways to say I love you. Here is what I’ve learned from my boyfriend about how to say I love you, even when you’re about a million miles away. 

Difficulty: Challenging
Things You’ll Need:
•    Patience
•    Commitment
•    Love
•    A lot to offer
•    A sense of humor
•    Charm
•    Honesty


Step 1
Listen. Ask, “How was your day?” Those 4 simple words are SO appreciated. It mAkes a girl feel like “For all the complaining I do, he still asks. He cares that much.”

Step 2
ReaD between the lines. Picking up on her tone or silence shows “I’m listening and I understand you better than anyone.” It really makes her feel validated.

Step 3
Say what’s on your mind. Let her know what you’re thinking or worrying about so she can leArn to understand you.

Step 4
Share. It brings you closer to together when you have common interests. But it also helps her grow as a person to try soMething new you like that she’s unfamiliar with.

Step 5
Forgive her. Laugh off the dumb little things she does. Move past the small things that bug you because you believe your relaTionship  is worth it.

Top 10 Ways to Say I Love YouCredit: Amberdawn 2011Step 6
Make her laugh. It will brigHten her day.

Step 7
Take her side. Even when she’s being a little bit petty. It shOws her who your priorities lie with.

Step 8
Tell her when she’s wrong. She’ll appreciate that you don’t placate her. When you respect her enough to say things that aren’t easy it Makes her feel like you take your relationship seriously.

Step 9
Create little rituals with her, like a set time to talk eAch day. It makes her feel like what you have is unique and a constant.

Step 10
Say I love you. Every day. Nothing makeS her feel more validated than waking up knowing you loved her yesterday, and you’re going to let her know that she’s loved still today, and tomorrow you will love her too.

Tips & Warnings
•    Thank you for teaching me all these ways to say I love you, Adam. These are just a few reasons why I love you. I love how you love me. Happy Valentine’s Day (original post 2009).
•    Also, this was my 164th article on eHow, and now it's my 164th on Infobarrel.