Who says life is meaningless after retirement? I don’t believe this! In fact, life becomes more happening and exciting after you cross 50. It is just you should have excitement to learn new things and passionate about your hobbies, and a partner who will support in doing these. A feeling and mania to live life differently on your conditions is all you need to make your post-retirement life energetic.

Taking care of your body is important throughout your life. It becomes even more significant when you grow older. Your body requires extra care when you approach elderhood 50. Healthy eating and fit body is not only good for physical health but mental health too. To get a better understanding of how to live a healthy life after 50, read through these top 10 mantras to stay fit:

10. Eat fresh vegetables: Eating green vegetables will add extra years to your life, seriously! Leafy vegetables contain required protein and nutrients, so have it daily. Along with your vegetables, add in fruits, whole grains and plenty of water to your diet list. Water keeps the body cool and hydrated all the day. Fill a bottle of water and keep it in front of you. Also, avoid eating unpacked, fried and fatty food items. Follow the habit of eating small meals at frequent intervals. Supply the right proportion of meal at the right time to your body. Concentrate on senior fitness.

9. Take a stroll – Walking is the simplest and most effective exercise you must include in your mundane. Walk while you talk with your partner. An early morning or late evening walk with your partner is good for both physical and emotional health. The purpose of walking is just body movement. This provides your upper-body strength and works as defense mechanism for diseases. Understand the difference between walking and jogging. Don’t run while you walk. So, get up and walk in the morning and evening.

8. It’s time to rest – Getting a proper night's sleep crucial for maintaining good physical and mental health. It gives your body the required rest and reenergizes the brain to live another day with enthusiasm. Don’t keep your phone, laptop or tablet near your bed; it might distract your sleep.

7. Go for routine checkup – Having regular checkups keeps you alert on what is happening in your body. As the body grows, it is more prone to diseases. Therefore, it is important to go for regular checkups for things like blood pressure level, diabetes, cholesterol level and others.

6. Avoid alcohol – To maintain good health, doctors suggest reducing the amount of alcohol consumption, though there is no restriction on occasional drink parties. Drinking in moderation is a good idea.

5. Socialize as much as you can – A connection with the outer world is all that can keep you happy, healthy and fit. It is a great boost to your emotional and mental well-being.

4. Fillip your brain power – A strong mental health means a stronger you! Like the body, it is important to keep your mind fit. A regular brain exercise is important for this. Indulge yourself in playing chess or other mind games.

3. Travel – Traveling or planning an outing once in a couple of months is a good idea. Regular outings however should be on twice in a month. Breathing some fresh air and learning about a new environment is a good way to maintain good senior health.

2. Think Positive – The best medicine or exercise to stay fit is think positive. Maintaining a good attitude is all you need for a healthy body.

1. Spend some cozy time – Be cozy with your partner and spend as much time as you can with your spouse. This is one of the many tips to stay fit.

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