Going to work and being a responsible adult all the time has the potential of being really difficult sometimes. Most people get past this by spending time at work doing really productive things for the company such as checking their Facebook page multiple times per hour, cruising the internet for mindless content and watching you tube videos for so long that it sucks up all the bandwidth in the building.

The other way that people deal with too much responsibility and stress at work is to call in sick and just spend the day doing whatever they want to do.  We all know that most of the time that someone calls in sick to work they are not really sick. Usually they are doing something much more entertaining than working. Some times they come up with really creative and elaborate stories to tell the boss. This is a list of some of the excuses that I have personally heard during my career.

10.    My drier quit working.

9.      My dog is not feeling well.

8.      I am too drunk or high to work today.

7.      I have the snow flu

6.      My ex-wife's cousins friend asked me to tend to his multiple farming operations on


5.      Today is my shopping day

4.      I can't make it to work today because I'm standing in line for the new iPhone 

3.      I'm at my other job

2.      The weather is too nice

1.      My car won't start because I can’t pass the breathalyzer test required to turn the 

         ignition on

My personal favorite on this list is a toss-up between the guy with the broken drier and the car not starting because of the breathalyzer. Both of these are just too weird to not be true. The broken dryer would have done better in the ranking had he used the excuse more than once.

These are all excuses that I have heard while at my current position. Personally if I am going to call in I just go with the standard of I don’t feel well. After compiling this list however I may just have to get more creative and have fun with it!!