Ductless mini split airconditioner systems are permanent fixtures that have several potential applications in commercial, residential and institutional buildings.  Equipped with two main components, a compressor or condenser which is placed outdoors and an indoor air handling unit; these mini split units prove to be a perfect choice for room additions or small apartments where expanding or setting up a central airconditioner is not feasible. Take a look at some of these top 10 best ductless mini split airconditioner 2012 listed best in this guide.

#1: Klimaire Seer Ductless Mini Split Airconditioner
This wall mounted cooling system with heat pump features ultra quiet and hi tech computer control quite fan coil, a super quiet epoxy powder coated horizontal blow condensing unit and an ergonomic LCD remote control.  Equipped with a strong, high gauge durable body, this cooling unit is easy and safe to install and is manufactured to meet U.S national standards and codes.

#2: Shinco Ductless Mini Split Airconditioner

This mini split unit that operates super quietly and at high efficiency   is equipped with cutting edge and high tech inverter technology. Designed to resist the harshest elements and function in the most extreme temperatures, this airconditioner provides longer performance life, silent operation, DSP high speed chip, rapid cooling and eating capacity in an effective manner.

#3: Pridiom Ductless Mini Split Airconditioner

An ideal solution for homes with non ducted heating systems, this airconditioner keeps areas cool and comfortable without wasting energy. Featuring a built in pump, temperature display in the indoor unit, wireless remote control and a low profile design that occupies zero floor space, this cooling system uses advance inverter technology and functions as a heater during cooler months. 
#4: Turbo Air Ductless Mini Split Airconditioner

This airconditioner is equipped with self diagnostic feature that allows you find and fix problems quickly.  Equipped with a soft dry operation, this mini split unit features a deodorizing and anti bacterial filter that helps keep air fresh and clean in a successful manner.

#5: LG Single Zone Ductless Mini Split Airconditioner

This wall mounted cooling system is a super quiet and attractive mini split unit which is extremely easy to install.  The two part design of this airconditioner features an air handler indoors and a condenser placed outdoors to reduce noise.  This unit which is similar to a central air system not only distributes cool air evenly, but also removes heat in a more efficient manner.

#6: Sanyo Concealed Ductless Mini Split Airconditioner
This cooling system with hidden duct evaporators helps deliver air flow to numerous locations through remote duct connected diffusers. A perfect option for enjoying a cool whisper quiet performance, this airconditioner which supplies airflow to several spots in single area or various independent areas prove to be an ideal option to cool offices, shops, apartments or store fronts in an effective manner.

#7: Panasonic Ductless Mini Split Airconditioner
This air condition microprocessor control operation features three fan speeds, wireless remote control, self diagnosing function, automatic heating and cooling and many more. One of the greatest benefits of using this cooling system is the fact that it allows a single outdoor unit to be attached to two to four indoor units. This proves to highly useful in preventing cluttering the exterior of your home.

#8: Mitsubishi Mr. Slim Seer Single Zone Ductless Mini Split Airconditioner
This cooling unit which is equipped with catechin anti allergy filters, additional air flow control features and long piping for easy installations is a compact, stylish and lightweight mini system that blend perfectly even into smallest of spaces. The fact that that these systems require only a small opening to link the outdoor and indoor unit, installing this conditioner proves to be quite simple and easy.

#9: Frigidaire Single Zone Wall mounted Ductless Split System with Heat Pump
This ductless split system separates the sound form the outdoor condenser and indoor evaporator installed high indoor wall, thereby providing quiet operation. The contemporary   design of this mini split unit not only allows you to control room temperature in a convenient manner, but also provides you with high style performance and environmentally friendly energy consumption in a successful manner.

#10: Napoleon Dual Zone Wall Mounted Ductless Mini Split Airconditioner
This slim designed cooling unit is dehumidifies, thereby creating a healthy and comfortable. Easy to install, this airconditioner not only features a user friendly remote control for precise and personal programming, but also starts automatically after power failure, thereby giving you peace of mind.

Using any of these top 10 best ductless mini split airconditioner 2012 will not only cool your rooms effectively, but will also help you save energy and money in a successful manner.