Companies should leverage the most appropriate communication systems for their growth. VoIP telephony is viable as well as cost effective and can help a company to grow. The following are the benefits a company can derive by using VoIP.

1. VoIP improves the productivity of any business. Since the voice as well as the data converge on to a single and unified network, the cost is also considerably reduced.

2. VoIP telephony can be accessed through an Internet connection. So, you can take your office wherever you go but there should be a Net connection in that place. So, those who work on the move will find this convenient. Likewise, a company that has offices in distant locations can also use VoIP.

3. Integration with other tools is quite easy with VoIP.

4. With VoIP, retrieving customer data for an incoming call is easy also. This will help businesses to track the order status of a customer.

For choosing a VoIP service provider, you should take into account the following criteria:

- You should know if the provider charges on monthly basis or if there will be a contract. You must know the termination fees in both the options.

- There may be some start-up costs apart from the cost of setting VoIP telephony up and the equipment cost. You must know if there are any such additional costs that may be charged for extra cabling, networking, etc.

- You must also know if there are any daily usage costs that may not have been covered by the plan you have opted for. These daily usage costs may include long-distance minutes and the minutes charged upon the incoming calls that are toll-free.

- You will benefit if the new system will have a fax service also. You must know from the provider if you can integrate fax with the system and if so, whether it can support both outgoing and incoming faxes.

- Handling of remote as well as mobile workers is the general benefit of VoIP telephony. You should inquire with the provider if the system you opt for can handle such groups efficiently. You can inquire with the existing users of the system and only if you are convinced about its efficiency, you must choose the provider.

- The provider you choose should help you even if you grow and expand your business. You must have the tentative costs that you may incur for any additions, changes, etc. You may plan to have more telephone lines, additional phones or extensions when you expand. The provider should have the capacity to support such moves.

- Quality of services is a very important criterion for choosing a VoIP service provider. So, you must select a provider who assures high-quality service and provides excellent Internet Connectivity.

- You must check if the provider has registered with the appropriate authorities and whether the company is a certified reseller for selling the equipment that is needed for your business.

- You must go through the history of the provider and check their track-record. Since nowadays many providers just vanish, you must choose only a reputed and experienced provider. Asking references may be a good method to know their track records.

- Even after getting the VoIP telephony system installed, you should get technical support from the provider on a continuous basis. You must know the terms and conditions for getting such a support. You must know if they have a call center and if they provide such a support in person. In other words, you must choose a provider who provides excellent technical support.

You must do a thorough research for choosing a good provider so that you can get your requirements fulfilled. Shopping around and getting the details and quotes from many providers may be a useful method for choosing the right VoIP service provider.