Everyone wants to have a perfect glowing skin and a perfect body. Almost all, even the guys wants to know the secrets. Every year, all of the cosmetic brands have been producing many products for our skin. It was made to make you look younger or make your skin whiter and so on and so forth. But you know what, have you looked at the ingredients located at the back of the product? Some of these chemicals can do well and some can just give you short happiness. But do you know that you can make your skin more youthful without using these chemicals? Please continue reading for this will reveal secrets on how to make you more radiant.

FOOD. Yes you heard it right. I’m surprised as well.  These foods are rich in vitamins and minerals to help the skin rejuvenate. Here is the list of good foods for our skin.



First on the list is water. Water, H2O or whatever you want to call it. Since were kids, the adults told us to drink plenty of water, 8 times a day.  Not all of us are a fan of water and I am one of them. Why would we like water? Water doesn’t taste good and worst it doesn’t taste anything at all. But none of us know that the water is the more important food in this world. Water makes us flush all of the bad things that we take every day. Almost 70% of our body is water. We excise a lot, we do errands and water escapes our body every time we do something physical. What will happen if we don’t replace those liquids? First of all, we may become dehydrated and you don’t want that to occur. And lastly, water prevents our skin to be dried out.



Toe-May-Toes. Ever wonder what tomatoes does for our skin? These tips will help all of the teenagers for their face problem. Get it? It’s for acne. Tomatoes helps you fight acnes and may help you with your skin as well. Tomatoes are rich with vitamin A to help you build your healthy skin, vitamin C to help you out fighting acnes and it is rich with antioxidants too that helps our immune system and lower the risk of cancer and diseases. Tomatoes become more useful at summer. You know why? Everyone who enjoys beaches and loves going outside throughout this season may have sun burns. Add buttermilk with a tomato juice then put these in the area you want to cure or your whole body. Leave it for half an hour then rinse well. You will see a slight change with your skin.




Whole Wheat

Whole wheat products have different vitamins and minerals that can help us to prevent cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. There’s a saying “Eat well, Live longer” and whole wheat is one of the foods that we need to take for a healthier life. Selenium is a powerful antioxidant which is found in the whole wheat. Some believed that an increase in selenium is connected to a decreased incidence of both basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma of our skin. Selenium can be found also in other foods such as tuna, nuts and some red meat. Whole wheat can also help our body by preventing cancer and cardiovascular diseases.



An egg contains vitamins, minerals and protein which is why it was the best for the skin. An egg white is good for oily skin or if you have acnes. It makes your skin tighter and addends nutrients. An egg yolk helps us fight skin dryness because of the fat that helps the skin softer and evens your skin tone. You can buy eggs in your local grocery store and it was inexpensive. You can make your own beauty regime by making your own face mask. If you are attending a party at night for example, make a quick face mask. Beat an egg and put it in your face for 15 minutes. You will start to feel that your skin begins to tighten. Wash your face thoroughly and then you’re done! Your skin will look smoother.



What’s up doc? Carrots!  If you are not a fan of green leafy vegetables, read on. I will show you how to get that vitamin A into your body and into your skin. One carrot juice per day will help you get vitamin A for sure. Not only vitamin A, a carrot is full of nutrients too and it’s called potash succinate. It helps us lower our blood pressure and it can even help us with stress.


We now know the top 5 foods that can help our skin. Now the bad news is that we also have top 5 foods that are bad for us.


Snack Foods

Yickes! Junk foods can be found anywhere. You can buy it at a mall and anywhere. Kids love these but some tests shows that it’s really bad for our health and in our skin as well. Eating snack foods can cause skin acnes and oily sin. It has insulin which is bad for us.  High insulin can cause high blood pressure, constipation, fatigue, irritability, sugar cravings, weight gain and many more.


Saturated Fat 

Now who would want this? I believe no one. You can find saturated fats in your everyday meat, poultry and dairy products. Saturated fat increases cholesterol in your body and it may triggers heart attack. Meats and dairy fats - these two are the main source of saturated fat and you would want to lessen the intake of those two. Go for the unsaturated fat and it will make you healthier.




We all have our younger years and we grew up drinking milk. Milk has acne-causing hormones and is bad for the skin. Iodine in the milk also produces more acne. Studies show that the more you take iodine the more it makes acnes more severe.



Salt. We use salt in our everyday dish. What you didn’t know is that salt makes our tissues puffs up and in result, it makes our skin non elastic. Have you noticed every time you go to the beach, after swimming you may feel itchiness? That’s the problem; too much salt water causes salt acnes. Not all the kinds of salt are harmful for our skin. Like salt mineral helps your skin to be softer and Dead Sea salt can help you prevent acnes, dandruffs and even cellulites.



Last but not the least is alcohol. Work hard, party harder. Alcohol is bad for the skin. It makes our sin dry, irritated and can even result to have a visible red veins in the surface of our skin.


So there you have it folks. These are just some of the foods that can help and damage our skin and body. We all learned a lesson here, check what you eat.