Top 10 iPhone Free Apps-Games

With thousands of free games available for the iPhone, it's hard to decipher the good ones from the horrible ones. Although they are free to download, some of them are simply a waste of time to even install on your cell phone! After downloading and trying over 300 of the app world's claimed top free games, I have created a list of what I consider to be the top 10 free games for the iPhone. All of these games can be downloaded for free from apple's app world, and can easily be found with the search function. The variety of these games is amazing as some of them involve simple things such as tilting the device, while others involve more complex functions such as canvassing through levels using 5 characters simultaneously; however, all of them are considered the greatest free game apps in my eyes regardless of their variety.

Paper Toss

Although this is one of the most dated apps in the entire app world, it remains on iPhones, and maintains its popularity spot. The concept of this game is simple: toss crumpled balls of paper into a wastebasket. They throw in a slight twist to this concept by using wind speed and direction; to counteract this wind you must aim the paper in the opposite direction of its gust. Paper Toss is addictive because of its simplicity; you can create a high score that will rarely be beaten in less than 2 minutes. I would recommend this download because it will keep you busy and entertained for the entire life of your iPhone.

Jelly Car

Once again a very simple free application that also makes use of the iPhone's tilt feature. The concept of Jelly Car is very simple: get the car to the target location as quickly as you can; the twist is the obstacles that you encounter and must surpass to get to the target location. This game has a handful of levels on 3 different difficulties; the levels have different obstacles and a variety of settings so it keeps you from getting bored. Even once you have beaten the game you will be trying to beat your best times so you can bet that you will see this app on your springboard for a while to come Rolando Available for download in the app store is this game where you control various rolandos to guide them through various levels. The difficulty of the levels ranges from absolute beginner to extremely difficult. All of the levels are placed on a map that is divided into 4 worlds. At first glance this game seems as if it is easy enough to be completed in less than an hour; however, once the amount of levels can be seen, it is obvious that it will take much longer. On top of that there are 3 different medals to earn on each level, making this game a tedious one to complete. As for replay ability, this game is not the greatest, but it will take you so long to beat that you won't have to worry about re-playing it.


Fieldrunners takes tower defence games to a new level of fun. Most tower defence games require you to build towers around a path that enemies travel on; the unique factor about fieldrunners is that the enemies can run along a completely open field, and your placement of your towers determines the path that the enemies will travel. This allows literally endless possibilities of ways to achieve a higher score than your last round. There are also a wide selection of towers and weapons to choose from, so you will always have a new way to try and complete the level.


iCopter has by far the simplest game controls out of any app ever created for the iPhone. You merely have to tap and hold the screen for the copter to raise and let go for it to lower. I believe that its simplicity is what makes it so addictive; another try at a high score doesn't last more than 30 or 40 seconds! In this app you guide the copter through levels by avoiding the various walls that the level may throw at you; the levels get progressively harder by using closer ceilings and more frequent walls. With 3 difficulties and over 10 copters to choose from in the newest update, along with openfeint achievements makes iCopter the game to have on your iPhone.

Lux Touch

A very simple game that does not come with instructions! The game is so basic that no instructions are needed. You and 3 opponents start out with the same amount of army troops and everyone is allotted a turn to either add troops to their territories or attack; the difference between winning and losing in this game is having the ability to control the most continents for bonuses, and knowing whether to add or attack depending on the situation that you are placed in. Cash cards are awarded randomly to players and whether or not they accept them also plays a large role in their success. Lux Touch is a must have for any iPhone user that is a fan of risk and war games; it brings the joy of many popular style board games to the ease of your iPhone.


This app is extremely fun and its name describes it content entirely. The goal of Mazefinger is to guide your finger through the mazes that the game throws at you; the obstacles and length increases as you progress through more mazes. The only downside in my opinion is the games feature to begin at level 1 again once you have lost all of your lives. Some people may like this constant challenge but I prefer progressive games; nonetheless, with the addition of various achievements Mazefinger is a must to download.

Traffic Rush

This app is absolutely hilarious and challenging. In Traffic Rush your goal is to direct traffic with the touch of a finger without causing any accidents. The game begins with a few cars, and as the time goes on more trucks, motorcycles and cars arrive travelling at various speeds. The controls are basic but the difficulty can become very advanced. Your score is based on how many cars you direct while avoiding an accident. Traffic Rush one of the most popular downloads in the app store and I definitely know why!

Mega Jump

At the time of writing this Mega Jump was one of the newest apps released in the app store. It simply involves tilting your iPhone to manoeuvre the character to collect various coins. In addition to collecting coins, you can collect power-ups for various boosts. I know you are thinking that the only point of the game is to achieve a high score; well you can actually use the coins that you collect to unlock other power ups, characters, and even backgrounds for your iPhone's springboard!

Cube Runner

Once again a game that involves simply tilting your iPhone to manoeuvre the vehicle through the level. Your score is based on the distance that you have travelled without crashing the vehicle. This app is amazing because it uses very little battery life due to its simple graphics; it is full of color, but the vehicle is a simple triangle, and the obstacles are simple shapes. The only downside to this app is that there are no achievements; your goal is simply to achieve the highest score. Regardless, this app is a must have for your iPhone and will bring you hours of joy.

Not every single one of these apps for your iPhone may tickle your fancy, but I do believe that you should give all of them at least one try. All of these apps have unique features that set them apart from the others; no iPhone would be complete without these apps.