Playstation 3 first hit the market on November 11th 2006 in Japan. Also playsation 3 was the last latest television console to come out of the Xbox 360 and the Nintendo wii. Playstion 3 is known as PS3 in a short form. The console is well known for its full high definition and the only console on the market with the intensive high definition blu-ray disc player. Not only that but the PS3 now has had a new update where you can play games and watch in the amazing 3D if you have a 3D TV. In the market Sony is offering a range of PS3s that suites you best from little hard drive to astonishingly huge hard drive at 320GB. Don’t you think that is just amazing? Just think about all the games and videos you can store in that humongous hard drive. Furthermore, there is a slim PS3 in the market now which means it is much lighter than the original one and it is priced at around 200-300 pounds depending on the hard drive and bundle package. There are so many amazing games out on PS3 but cant mention all as there is way too many. This is why I have decided to tell you the top 10 PS3 must have games based in the year 2011 and a bit earlier time period.



CALL of DUTY MW3 is going to be released on 8th November 2011. CALL of DUTY is known worldwide as an intensive first-person shooter video game. It is coming out in all the latest console but if you have a PS3 it is a MUST have game as it is very interesting and a popular online game.


 FIFA 11(52346)

FIFA 12 is going to be released on 30th September 2011. As we all football fans know that EA games create all the best football games which mean that FIFA 12 is going to be by far the best football game coming out! This is also a MUST have game.



ASSASIN’S CREED REVELATIONS is going to hit the market on 15th November 2011. The game has incredible graphics that is amazingly realistic. If you are a person who enjoys action and fighting games then I will advice you to pre order the game for release date as it is a fabulous action game.



CALL of DUTY BLACK OPS was releases on 9th November 2010 and it is an on going top shooting seller so far. This video game has set a new world record. It has grossed 650 million dollars within its first five days on sale worldwide. This has also beaten the previous CALL of DUTY MW2 by over 100 million dollars. Isn’t that just unbelievable? Lastly this game is in 3D only on PS3 which creates the gaming experience to a new depth.


 FIFA 11(52338)

FIFA 11 was released on 1st October 2011. As usual FIFA has made it to the top as being the top selling football game worldwide. It has got fantastic graphics that will make you to think you are watching a real live match on television.


Little BIG Planet 2

Little BIG Planet 2 was released on 21st January 2011. This is an exclusive to PS3. Furthermore it is enjoyable games as you can create you own  games as well as that play other peoples levels on the playstaion network online mode. If you liked Little BIG Planet then it is worth the money to purchase the second one as it is more developed video game, also more things to do. Not only is that but the game is playstation move compatible.


KILLZONE 3(52343)

KILLZONE 3 was released on the date 25th February 2011. It is a first-person shooter video game just like the famous CALL of DUTY. This is no ordinary first-person shooter game as it is an exclusive for PS3 only. The game is combined with the fabulous story mode and the online mode. This would mean that there is a lot more to enjoy. Also the game is compatible to be played in 3D mode but only if you have a 3D TV.


 GRAN TURISMO 5(52336)

GRAN TURISMO 5 is an exclusive racing game on PS3 which was released on the 24th November 2010. This ultimate racing game is not just an ordinary one. It is more realistic than any racing game ever before with its high definition crisp graphic that gives you the best racing experience. GRAN TURSIMO the real driving stimulator has over 70 tracks to choose and race from also it has over a whopping 100 cars to choose from.



ASSASIN’S CREED BROTHERHOOD was released on 25th march 2011. This action fighting game is superb as the graphic actually looks like real life characters. The game is based in Italy the city called Rome. Even though the new one is coming out but still this game is a definitely MUST have.


 grand theft auto IV and episodes from liberty city

Grand theft auto IV and episodes from liberty city the complete edition was release on the date 29th October 2010. Everyone loves to play a bit of grand theft auto now and then made by the classic rockstar. This edition is amazing as it has too story line to play as the original GTA IV only has one. The game has online mode where you can battle your skills out with your friends or even online players. The graphics is crystal clear which makes it more realistic and fun.