Top 10 Things You need to Survive an Economic Collapse

(Plus 3 that will make the other 10 come to you!)

Under normal circumstances we live in a society with unlimited access to most anything you can afford via the world wide web or your local retail stores which are the visible evidence of complex global supply chains that keep items in stock for purchase almost 24-7. In a post-disaster scenario your world shrinks to about a thousand times smaller than it's previous size which makes both local demand and scarcity an issue. Prepare ahead of time and you wont be the guy fighting your kids 3rd grade schoolteacher for the last can of pork-n-beans. Here is a list of the top 10 items which can become more valuable than gold overnight!

1. Non-perishable food items- It's necessary that you have enough food stored as many things may suddenly become unavailable. Aquire basic cooking staples like oil, fat, sugar, pasta, rice, dried legumes and canned items are what you should store. It's recommended that you build up your food-stores to last you and your loved ones for 1 year. Several companies offer freeze-dried meals that are lightweight and have a shelf-life of up to 10 years for some products.

2. Potable H20 and Purification Supplies - water and purification supplies are a necessity for any long-term emergency. Storing water is also highly recommended. The basic rule of thumb is to store or have the ability to make potable at minimum 1 gallon per person per day for eating and sanitation.

3. Firearms - You may be unfamiliar with or even dislike guns. However, nothing can take the place of a basic arsenal of weapons that fire common types of ammunition. A 12 gauge shot-gun, 22. long rifle and a decent handgun like a .357 revolver or 9 mm automatic are enough to feed and protect you with a little practice.

4. Batteries- While you can only have so many batteries, you can never have too many! They are good for powering radios, flashlights radios and other electronic gadgets which may come in handy. Rechargable ones are good too if you have an source to power them up periodically.

5. Supplies for Cleaning - Sanitation is a major concern when utilities are not available. Health issues you'll recognize from from playing Oregon Trail start to pop up along side stuff you thought had been irradicated from the planet. Imagine every color crayon in your child's box of Crayola's with the word "fever" behind it. Even a case of dysentery can be deadly so wash your hands!

6. Handtools - Hand operated tools for working in a garden, automobile repair, construction, metal and woodworking are items you need to collect for use and trade. Knowing how to use them helps too.

7. Reference Library- The internet may not always be accessible. It's a good idea to collect books on self-sufficiency, wilderness survival, medical books, engine repair and other do-it-yourself literature will be essential for your post-apocalypse library.

8. Cast Iron Cookware- it's very possible that cooking in the great outdoors and over an open flame will be required for your survival. Cast iron dutch ovens, griddles and frying pans were the logical choice of people on the frontier for good reason. For now these are easy to pick up at flea markets and yard sales.

9. Transportation - Our ancestors who lived as hunter-gatherers survived by moving around to places where resources and conditions were favorable. Likewise it may also become necessary to evacuate or even relocate hundreds of miles form your current position. Your ability to transport necessary supplies will impact your chances of making it. You are in good shape if you have a large SUV, pickup, van or motor-home that can be adapted for this purpose.

10. Fuel- Most every type of fuel will increase in value and scarcity immediatly during any sizable disaster. Types you should attempt to stockpile or gain access too include: gasoline, butane, diesel, propane, coal as well as wood. Make sure to have enough to power your equipment. It's also crucial to have enough fuel to make a get-away if it becomes necessary to evacuate.

4 Things that will make the other 10 come to you

Have any combination of 1 or more of these things and be king of your post-apocalyptic world!

Means of Production - This is the ability and to make products that others consume. This is a fundamental economic concept that if you can leverage it, becomes invaluable. For example, the ability to make your own hooch (alcohol) or even agricultural products will place you at the top of the food chain.

Electrical Generator- with enough fuel, a good generator can power the basic appliances in your home and keep the lights on. A greener alternative that will save you the trouble of purchasing or trading for fuel would be one of the new solar-powered generators now on the market.

Livestock- Animals such as poultry are low maintenance and highly valuable . A hand-full of laying hens can produce enough eggs for the average size family with some left over to trade if you are lucky. The more the merrier. Goats are also useful and require less upkeep than your dog. They are valuable for their milk as well as for eating.

Raw materials- Whether it's salt, timber or a gravel pit, local producers will be turning to nearby raw material sources instead of importing over longer distances. If you have access or ownership to anything that is used to manufacture goods, you'll want to make this part of your long-term strategy.