10 best sights and delights of Tenerife


Tenerife is a beach lover’s paradise and a great nightlife destination but it’s also an island of extraordinary natural beauty with a rich history and a warm and welcoming culture. Holidays to Tenerife are a great chance to explore some of the Med’s most beautiful landscapes with the stunning cliffs, charming towns and beautiful national parks. With that in mind we look at the ten best things to do in Tenerife.


10. Clubbing

The nightlife in Tenerife is exceptional with some lively clubs and plenty of fantastic bars to while away the quiet hours. At night the towns come alive and many of the best areas and bars stay open long into the night. Check out Santa Cruz and the areas around Parque Santiago 3 for the best clubs.

9. The waterparks

In all honesty waterparks are great fun and the ones on Tenerife are simply incredible with Slam being the best. These parks are close enough to theme parks to be a great day out and the slides are brilliant.

8. Vilaflor

Vilaflor is a beautiful village in the south of Tenerife and offers incredible views in a picturesque village thanks to its 1400 metre elevation. The old palace and church are particularly worth visiting.

7. The beaches

You might think the beaches should come top of our list but the  Med is full of them and they are hardly original. Tenerife's beaches are still beautiful but they are by no means our favourite thing about the island.

6. Santa Cruz

The capital city of Tenerife is a fantastic place and a bustling port with plenty of fantastic shops (tax free) and a rich history. The nightlife is also pretty good here too.

5. Icod de Los Vinos

One of the most culturally significant places on Tenerife the area on the west coast is home to the largest volcanic cavity in the world the cave o the wind and the dragon tree - a 600 year old tree deeply tied to local mythology.

4. Caseiro de Masca

Caseiro de Masca is a beautiful village with the deepest ravines on the island. The ancient houses and museum are great here and the Masca Ravine is a fantastic walk providing breathtaking views.

3. The Guimar Pyramids

Open only for ten years the Guimar pyramids are an incredible archeological site and the park itself is beautiful. The 6 pyramids are largely ruined but are still incredible to see.

2. Los Gigantes Cliffs

Los Gigantes are perhaps the most impressive cliffs in the world rising 600 metres almost vertically out of the sea. They descend vertically for 30 metres into the sea making them incredibly popular with scuba divers and are absolutely stunning to view from the nearby towns.

1. National Park of Las Canadas del Tiede

 The national park is one of the most visited spots on Tenerife thanks to its dramatic scenery and beautiful volcanic landscapes. It has the highest peak of Spain Mount Teide at almost 4000m above sea level and is an incredible place to hike and explore