How to get through a break up

Breaking up with someone or from a relationship is never easy to handle. Perhaps it seems to be the toughest phase in life one has to go through. Break ups make you feel alone and leave you with a broken heart. It is the time when the people who have suffered the same pain are going to advise you but just shut your ears to those and take your own decision. If you are to move on in life just get in touch with positive-minded people and regain your self-confidence to live a life that is really worth living. Here are some advisable tips for bouncing back to your normal life after such a break-up


Never go for a rebound relationship instantly after the break up. People often do it to fill up the void created because of the absence of his ex-lover. They want to prove themselves worthy of love specially in front of his ex. But that causes more damage to a relationship and it too does not last long which in turn again kills your self-confidence. Every relationship needs time and knowing each other to be built. Any kind of impulsive and haste decision can give you more pain and suffering.


Delete her completely from your life. Never ever try to know about her through any of your friends. Delete her number, her messages and delete her from all your social networking sites. Once you have taken the decision to proceed in life just cut her out of your life and doesn’t think of making friendship with her again because lovers cannot be friends. Any kind of staff that reminds you of her memory should be deleted without  giving a single thought otherwise you will never be able to get rid of it.


Spend time with friends and family. They are the ones who will give you support all the time and try to cheer you up. If you have been ignorant of them so far because of your relationship it is high time go back to them and treasure their company and you will feel far better and happy staying close to your friends and family. Friends will always try to make up for your “break-up”.


Talk it out with a close friend or someone you rely. Sharing your thoughts will lessen the burden of sorrow you have been bearing all alone. Tears are sometimes very essential and at such times you better cry it out to somebody and get it out of your heart. Suppressing emotion is not a sign of bravery and so express the grief and someday you will realize that you don’t feel like crying for this anymore.


Get a new look. Just come out of the shell and update yourself with something different that surprises everyone. You will get back your lost confidence and be smooth enough to deal with everyone. Your mind and heart will be refreshed after the makeover. It will show a positive change instead of a negative effect. So get a new hair cut or buy new cloths or just go to a parlor to pamper yourself with some beauty treatment. All these will prove that you ended up only to start afresh.



Be productive and creative. If you have not been able to look at those sides at which you could have done a better job for your past relationship you can now utilize that time in doing that constructive things. Try to re-discover yourself and engage yourself to those things that bring you happiness and you can acknowledge your talent by that creativity.


 Make a holiday trip. Take a break and travel into some places you always wanted to visit. Enjoy your friends’ company and have lots of fun out there. Listen to loud music, dance and take photographs of the places and all the memorable moments spent with your friends.


Concentrate on your career. It is the right time to give the most of your attention to your career and make a well-planned and bright future. Work hard and do not bother about your past that has gone. Try to learn from your past mistakes and try not to repeat them in future. Move on in life that awaits you with more valuable moments and adorable people to cherish. 


Get the habit of yoga and meditation that will boost you up. You will be stable and a light of hope will enter your life. All the emotional turmoil you have faced should be controlled now and meditation and yoga will calm your body, mind and soul.


Give this some time and get inspirations. Time is the best healing machine that kills every pain, sorrow and trauma. Leave all these in the hands of time and think that what had happened, happened for the best. Do not dwell on the past and go ahead towards a better future, Get inspiration from books and articles that motivate you.


Relationship Advice After A Breakup