If you haven’t seen any of the cool films on this list, and you’re a fan of the grade A “Hollywood Blockbuster”, then any of the movies made by American actor Bruce Willis in the last several years is really worth watching through Google Play, Netflix, Hulu, or Apple iTunes. Bruce Willis is often funny, serious, self-deprecating, touchy, moody, and a hard-core tough-guy all rolled into one, and his films are entertaining on so many levels. According to sites like Internet Movie Database (IMDB), Bruce Willis films have collectively grossed in excess of $2.5 billion dollars - which puts Willis in the top-ten list of actors based on box-office receipts. But don’t see the films because they’ve been popular -- watch them because they are entertaining.


Die Hard (the franchise) - Die Hard, Die Hard 2, Die Hard: With a Vengeance, Live Free Bruce-Willis-movies-Netflix-Hulu-Google-Play-Amazonor Die Hard: The title of these movies relates to both the resiliency of NYC Detective John McClane, the character Bruce Willis is probably most known for, and the tough foes he faces in each of these action thriller epics. Unlike other action stars, like Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Chuck Norris, Steven Seagal or others, Bruce Willis’ character of John McClane is a more believable every-day kind of cop. According to sources online, these films have earned Willis over $50 million dollars over a nearly twenty year span of his career. These Die Hard movies include pretty crazy action sequences (sometimes unbelievable), chest-pounding moments, menacing villains (played by Alan Rickman, William Sadler, Jeremy Irons, Timothy Olyphant, and others), and a very tough John McClane wise-cracking and butt-kicking his way throughout. (Legend has it that Bruce Willis improvises a lot of this great dialogue while filming.) You have to admire great lines like this: John McClane, on the phone: “Yeah, I got a deal for you. Crawl out from that rock you're hiding under, and I'll drive this truck up your a@@.” or this “Nine million terrorists in the world and I gotta kill one with feet smaller than my sister.” If you’ve already seen all of these Die Hard movies -- don’t fret -- the fifth installment, A Good Day to Die Hard is expected to be released in 2013, 

Armaggedon: Here’s the premise -- So there’s an asteroid on a collision course with Earth, Billy Bob Thornton works for NASA, and they need Harry S. Stamper (played by Bruce Willis) and his team of expert deep-water oil drillers to go into space to drill into the asteroid, and drop a nuclear warhead in the hole to break it apart, and save us all. This movie has gorgeous cinematography, world-class Hollywood special effects, and a huge powerful soundtrack... Add a love story between Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler (playing Willis’ daughter), and some hilarious moments by the drilling ruffnecks including Steve Buscemi - and this is THE epic SAVE-THE-WORLD movie! If you haven’t seen it.... Go watch it now! 

Sixth Sense: A sweet, spooky, and touching film -- also starring Haley Joel Osment -- where Bruce Willis, as a child psychologist, tries to help a kid who sees “dead people”. Yikes. No spoiler details here... This M. Night Shyamalan-written and directed drama, mystery, and thriller is proof that Willis as an actor had a wider range than many imagined.

Twelve Monkeys: This is another save-the-world, time-travel, sci-fi, love story, thriller starring Bruce Willis as a convict who travels back in time to try to gather enough intelligence to save the world from a man-made virus. Twelve Monkeys also features great performances by Madeleine Stowe, and by Brad Pitt - which helped him forge his reputation as a serious actor.

The Fifth Element: This Luc Besson film works wonders because it shows Milla Jovovich and Bruce Willis kicking butt in a crazy science fiction action adventure with big doses of comic relief. With Gary Oldman as Zorg -- the bad guy (-- I still think of him from his role as Beethoven -- plus parts in the Batman and the Harry Potter flicks), the future looks zany, colorful, and dangerous. Chris Tucker does a great job also as DJ Ruby Rhod -- the interstellar radio host.

Unbreakable: He won’t or can’t die... it’s quite remarkable, crazy, scary, and kind of sad -- and Bruce pulls it off well. Samuel L. Jackson adds the necessary intensity here to make this another cool drama/fantasy by M. Night Shyamalan. 

Tears of the Sun: Imagine an elite military team given clear orders and a dangerous mission in war-torn Nigeria that gets pretty murky once they get into the field. Also starring Monica Bellucci, Bruce Willis plays Lt. Waters, a veteran Navy SEAL officer who finds his morality tested throughout this movie. This film largely flew under the radar for both fans and critics -- but it’s well made, riveting, and moving.

16 Blocks: A remarkable movie directed by Richard Donner with Bruce Willis as a washed-up cop whom corrupt police officers assume will “look the other way” while a crime is committed. Check this out and you’ll find great performances by Willis, David Morse (as a dirty cop), and Mos Def as Eddie Bunker.


These are all great Bruce Willis films to see -- rent them, stream them, watch them on cable -- or go buy the DVD copies of these top movies. Bruce Willis, originally Walter Bruce Willis, was born on a military base in Germany to American parents, and then raised in New Jersey. After blue collar work, Willis studied drama at Montclair State University in New Jersey before landing a couple small parts in theater and film. Willis’ break came from a casting call of over 3000 actors, when he landed the lead in the ABC TV show “Moonlighting”, opposite Cybill Shepherd - a job that lasted four years and launched his career for the films listed above. His personal life -- with a marriage, family, and divorce from Demi Moore, has been widely publicized - the downside of a Hollywood life. Professionally, I’m sure Mr. Willis has many more good films in him! “Yippie-kay-yay”, Mr. Willis.