This is a list of the 11 most deadly animals found on land or in the sea. Some of these are obvious, but the most dangerous creature of all may surprise you! The world is a deadly place, for certain. Enjoy this list, from least to most deadly.

 Poison Dart Frog(67119)11. Poison Dart Frog

On the back of the poison dart frog is a slimy neurotoxin, designed to keep predators away. This toxin is powerful enough to kill ten humans, though when in captivity they don’t seem to produce the toxin. The poison dart frog is brilliantly colored, and live in Central and South America.




Cape Buffalo(67121)

 10. Cape Buffalo

Any horned animal can be deadly, but this one seems to be the most deadly, both because of its size and weaponry, as well as its attitude. Weighing in at 1.5 tons, and armed with razor sharp horns, the cape buffalo will attack head on if provoked, killing more humans in Africa than any other creature. They are so dangerous that even lions avoid them!

 9. Bears

Polar Bear(67123)Bears can look cute and cuddly, like Winnie the Pooh, or Fozzie Bear. However, all bears are extremely dangerous to humans. Polar and Grizzly bears are among the largest. The polar bear will often reach lengths/heights of over 10 feet, and weigh 800-1700 pounds. The swipe of such a bear will take the head off a human being. They are capable of tearing open and destroying a car. The polar bear is also the most carnivorous of the bears, living largely on a diet of walruses, elephant seals, whales, reindeer and even other polar bears.

 8. Hippopotamus

HippopotamusAnother creature that is deceptively deadly, due to their appearance as their somewhat cute and cuddly appearance. Hippos are massive, powerful and very territorial. They won’t seek out humans to attack them, but if they feel like you are in their space, they will do what they must to get rid of you. Their mouth opens four feet wide and more, and they can use it to great effect to crush a person like a sledgehammer. They are fast swimmers an can easily overturn a smaller river boat and kill all occupants. They live in Africa and are responsible for 300+ deaths each year.

 7. Elephant

African elephants are the largest of all land mammals. They can weigh as much as 16 tons. They kill by trampling to death, or goring with their sharp tusks. Elephants kill over 500 people per year.

 6. Saltwater Crocodile

Saltwater Crocodile(67124)

The saltwater crocodile is the largest of all living reptiles. They live in Northern Australia and Southeast Asia. They range in length from 16-21 feet and weight over 1.5 tons. A full grown saltwater crocodile can kill and eat animals as large as a water buffalo. Their most deadly maneuver is the “death roll” – whereby they grab their prey with their powerful jaws and slow roll over in the water until the creature drowns. In water they are as fast as a dolphin.

 5. African Lion

“Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!” There is a reason Dorothy and her travel companions were afraid of such creatures on the journey to the Land of Oz. Along with bears, large cats are powerful and ferocious beasts. The most deadly of the cats are the African Lion and the tiger. The lion reaches a size of half a ton. They are responsible for up to 70 human deaths per year in Tanzania alone!

4. Great White Shark

The deadly shark featured in Jaws was this kind of shark. Great Whites are found in coastal regions in all major oceans and along all major coastlines. They reach lengths of 25 feet and weight of five tones. They are the largest predatory fish. They rarely attack humans for food, but will often do a “test” bite to figure out what something is.

Box Jellyfish(67120) 3. Box Jellyfish

More deadly in the water than the shark is the box jellyfish. These are beautiful, salad-bowl sized sea creatures with a horrific sting. This jelly fish, though small in size, can have up to sixty tentacles as long as 15 feet. Each tentacle has enough toxins to kill fifty humans! They are found in Australia, the Philippines and other tropical areas. They have killed more than 5,500 deaths since 1884.

 2. Asian Cobra


Although not the most poisonous of snakes, they make up for this by being the meanest of snakes. They attack much more frequently than other snakes, and in fact kill more people than any other type. Their bite is deadly, but they don’t even have to sink their fangs into you. They can spit venom into your eye and kill you just as easily.

 1. The Mosquito

Because it is a carrier of malaria and many other deadly diseases, the mosquito is responsible for the deaths of more than 2 million people every year, and spread diseases to more than 70 million people each year.