Detroit is home to some really cool sites. This list of the top 11 things to see in Detroit includes some very popular places, but I have also included a few “off-the-wall” type places. Detroit is only a small bastion of its’ former glory, however this triumphant city will once again rise from the Ghetto ashes and reclaim its glory as one of the Greatest Cities in North America. Here are my top 11 things to see in Detroit, Michigan.

11. Detroit Zoo

Detroit Polar BearCredit:

The first Detroit Zoo ever opened in 1883. A traveling Circus was in town and went bankrupt. The town got stuck with the animals so they put them together and called it a zoo. From these humble beginnings the Detroit Zoo has risen into one of the most magnificent Zoos in the United States. The current Detroit Zoo first opened up in 1928.

The highlight of the Detroit Zoo is the Arctic Ring of Life. The Arctic Ring of Life is the world’s largest polar bear exhibit.

10. Renaissance Center (GM building)

RenCen DetroitCredit:

The Renaissance Center is often called the RenCen. The RenCen refers to 7 skyscrapers that are connected in downtown Detroit. The RenCen is the epitome of any scenic skyline photography in the City of Detroit.

9. Comerica Park

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Comerica Park is the home of the Detroit Tigers Major League Baseball team. Comerica Park has been used since the year 2000. Before that the Tigers played at Tiger Stadium. Tiger Stadium has been demolished, however at the location where Tiger Stadium use to stand there is a ball park that is open for the community to use.

8. Odell’s Lounge

Odells Lounge in DetroitCredit:

The Odell’s Lounge building is a photographers dream. Odell’s Lounge is a building that is rundown, yet it symbolizes the economic collapse of this once great City. Not only does it symbolize and show the economic culpabilities of Detroit, it can also symbolize political corruption.

7. Detroit Animal House

Detroit Animal HouseCredit:

This house is completely covered with stiffed animals. Some people think it is pretty cool, while other people may view it as creepy and weird. Regardless of your views on it, the Detroit Animal House is a must see place in Detroit, Michigan. No, this is not the home of Kid Rock.

6. Fox Theatre

Fox TheatreCredit:

The Fox Theatre was opened in 1928 and is in Downtown Detroit. The Fox Theatre in Detroit was the first movie theatre that was designed with speakers built in it. The silent movie era was over and the Fox Theatre was the first theatre designed specifically for movies with sound. Although the theatre was designed for movies with sound, the first movie to ever play at the Fox Theatre was a silent film.

Unlike a lot of other buildings in Detroit, the Fox Theatre is still in really great condition. In 1988 the Fox Theatre received a complete rehabilitation and remodel.

5. Detroit Institute of the Arts

Detroit Institute Of ArtsCredit:

The Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) is home to one of the largest art collections in the United States.

4. Joe Louis Arena

Joe Louis ArenaCredit:

Watch the Detroit Red Wings play a game of Hockey at Joe Louis Hockey Arena is one of the top things to do in Detroit. Even if you are not an avid sports fan, you will still enjoy watching a game of hockey being played here.

3. Detroit Lions

Detroit LionsCredit:

The Detroit Lions have not won a championship since 1957, yet the fans continue to show up and support their team. The Lions have a very rabid fan base, so I recommend that you either wear Lions apparel or go Incognito to the game. If you show up wearing a football jersey for the opposing team then you may be leaving Detroit sooner than you had expected.

2. Run Down Neighborhoods

Detroit has experienced some major economic and fiscal problems. A lot of the town is a run-down disaster with entire blocks filled with homes waiting to be condemned. Homes in Detroit have sold for $100 on EBay. The problem with these homes is that you must pay a few thousand dollars to have the home demolished, because there is no way some of these trashed homes can be renovated. Some of these homes are in such dire conditions that even homeless people will not squat there.

1. Ambassador Bridge

Ambassador Bridge in DetroitCredit:

The Ambassador Bridge connects the City of Detroit with Canada. The Ambassador Bridge is very popular with photographers. You can get excellent nighttime shots of this suspension bridge, as well as photographing the ships and barges that pass underneath the bridge.