The Toy Retailers Association's Dream Toys 2011

[881] According to the Toy Retailers Association the following toys are the 'must have' Christmas toys for 2011.

I thought for this article I'd put a different spin on things and ask my two boys for their opinions on each one and rate them out of ten. James and Lee ( the names have been changed to protect, mainly, 'James' from ridicule by his mates) are aged 9 and 6 respectively.

So without any further ado here's the list.

  • Doggie Doo - John Adams
  • Fijit Friends - Mattel
  • Fireman Sam Pontypandy Rescue Set - Character
  • Kidizoom Twist - Vtech
  • LeapPad Explorer - Leapfrog Toys
  • Lets Rock Elmo - Hasbro
  • Milky the Bunny - Flair
  • Monster High Lagoona’s Hydration Station - Mattel
  • Moshling Tree House - Vivid
  • Nerf Vortex Nitron Blaster - Hasbro
  • Ninjago Fire Temple - Lego
  • Star Wars Ultimate Force Tech Lightsaber Assortment - Hasbro 


Doggie Doo

So first we'll deal with Doggie Doo. There's a sentence I never thought I'd write!

Doggie DooCredit: TRA

The aim of the game here is to see who can scoop the most poop.  Presumably at the design stage this seemed like a good idea and nobody had the nerve to stop them.

Lee said, "Yeah, looks good I'd play it." 7/10

James said, "Erm, no I don't think so." 3/10



Ok, next up is Fijit. Fijit is a one of the those interactive, makes lots of noise type toys. Guaranteed to get on your nerves.

FijitCredit: TRA

James opined, "I'm not into dancing purple robots, I don't like it at all." 0/10

Lee didn't seem particularly keen either, "I wouldn't buy it." 0/10


Fireman Sam

Right what's next? Ah yes, Fireman Sam. Now this will surely get the juices flowing. Fireman Sam Box

Fireman SamCredit: TRA

Described as 'Multi Disaster' play set in the press release, but with the more politically correct 'Multi Rescue' Playset on the box.

James - "If I was 3 I might find this quite interesting." 8/10

Lee - "If I was 3 I would kiss it goodnight!" 9/10

Kidizoom Twist

Moving on, we have the Kidizoom Twist from Vtech. This is a kid's camera with a 'Twisting Lens'. "Great, but does it take pictures?" I hear you cry. Yes it does. Lots.

KidizoomCredit: TRA

Let's get Lee's rating shall we? 10/10 . Top marks, not too shabby that is it?

Here's what he said, "Ooh I had one a bit like this and I liked it."

James voted with his feet - "I'd just want a normal camera." 2/10

Lee - "But you can play games on it.."


LeapPad Explorer

Leappad ExplorerCredit: TRA

A learning tablet for children, with camera, games, video and apps.

James - "Looks a bit childish, who would want that? Can I borrow your laptop please Dad?" 6/10

Lee - "Great, that would help me do my reading!" 3/10*

*Disclaimer: The logic of kids.


Lets Rock Elmo

An interactive sing a-long Elmo toy. What more is there to say?

Elmo(68470)Credit: TRA

James thought he'd be amusing at this point, "I'll get that for you Dad!" 9/10

Lee went with, "Nooo." 6/10


Milky the Bunny

Milky the BunnyCredit: TRA

From what I can tell it's a furry movable bunny. A bit like Fijit, but furry. A bit like Furby but a rabbit.

James - "That's a girls toy." 0/10

Lee - "If I was a girl, but I'm not, that looks quite good." 8/10


Monster High Lagoona's Hydration Station

Monster HighCredit: TRA

I have to confess; even after reading the blurb, I've no idea what this is. Is it a lamp? Is it a doll? I don't know and frankly, I don't care!

Lee - "I'm getting bored now daddy." 0/10

James - "What the!" 0/10


Moshling Tree House

A storage tree for your Moshlings Monsters, or put another way - Stop using that old margarine tub your kids are using at the moment and buy this piece of plastic instead.


Moshling TreehouseCredit: TRA

Lee - "That reminds me, can you buy me some cards? Buy it, buy it, buy it!" 10/10

James - "I'd give him a day with it before he loses interest." 5/10


Nerf  Vortex Nitro Blaster

Nerf VortexCredit: TRA

This is more like it! A blaster that fires discs, 20 of them.

James - "It fires discs and they're better because they go further." 10/10

Lee - "Looks cool, I'd buy it!" 10/10


Ninjago Fire Temple

Lego. If I step on another piece then I won't be held responsible for the consequences of my actions.

Lego NinjagoCredit: TRA

Lee - "I'd love it, looks good" 8/10

James - "Looks good, but I'm not into Lego anymore" 9/10


Star Wars Ultimate Force Lightsaber

Star Wars(68482)Credit: TRA

James - "Can I have one please?" 7/10

Lee -"I don't like Star Wars anymore" 3/10

theanfieldkop - "I want one!" 10/10


So there you have it. The top 12 Christmas Toys 2011 reviewed. Thanks boys.

I'm not sure I'd rely too much on their opinion though!