Crazy and stupid ideas are not always bad business.

Here are 13 stupid ideas that made millions.

Have a laugh or be inspired to make investments in your own wild business.


13. Billy the Big Mouth Bass

The idea of this prank is very stupid, yet it became an International fad in the 90’s. Billy the big Mouth Bass simply looks like a fish that has been mounted by a Taxidermist, but then it turns its head and starts talking and singing. The Billy Bass sold millions of them and made a very handsome profit. This is one stupid idea that made millions all because somebody followed through on it.

12. Flowbee

The Flowbee is a vacuum cleaner attachment that is designed to cut your hair. It is a White Trash way of cutting your hair, but Flowbee has sold well over 2,000,000 of their products.

11. Snuggie

Snuggie GangstaCredit:

Somewhere somebody was stoned and thought that they should add armholes into a blanket. The product was a huge success. The simplicity of this design drives a lot of people crazy because we think that “I should have thought of that”. Well many people did think about it, but no one followed through on it until the creator of the Snuggie took it national and began selling the, on Infomercials.

10. Pet Rock

The idea is literally stupid. You take a rock, put it into a carry box, and then sell it as a pet. For some reason our Country ate it up and the Pet Rock became a pop culture icon.

9. Solar Powered Flashlight

People use to joke about using their solar powered flashlight in the same way that people would comment that they have ocean front property for sale in Arizona. How the hell would a solar powered flashlight work anyways right? I mean you have to have the sun in order for it to work and you obviously do not need a flashlight when the sun is out. The answer is obvious to us today, but back in the day people thought this was a stupid idea. Somebody developed a way for a flashlight to be charged using solar energy that would be stored up until you needed to use it when it was dark out and the sun was long gone. This was a stupid idea that proved to be not so stupid and extremely profitable.

8. Spray Paint for Bald Men’s Heads

You have a receding hairline and don’t want people to know so what do you do? That’s right; you pull out a can of paint that is designed to be sprayed onto the bald parts of your scalp to hide the fact that you are bald. This is a seriously stupid idea, however with proper marketing this product went on to make millions of dollars. Even though this was a very successful product financially, it is still extremely stupid.

7. Bottled Water

Fiji WaterCredit:

Imagine you go back in time 50 years ago and tell the people that you will sell them water in a bottle. They would laugh and ridicule you. Although bottled water is extremely commonplace today, there was a time in our history where bottled water was considered a very stupid idea because people thought that no one would ever buy it. Buying water was a lot like selling Ice to an Eskimo, it obviously will not work.

Today the bottled water industry is frickin’ huge. Although bottled water is now mainstream, people are once again beginning to view bottled water in a negative light because of the environmental impact that the empty plastic bottles have on our planet.

6. Bobbleheads

Although the height of the Bobblehead phase may be over, they continue to sell extremely well. The best selling and most popular Bobbleheads are those of sports related stars. A Bobblehead is basically a G.I. Joe style toy figure with an oversized head that bounces around when you touch it. A very stupid idea, but the Bobblehead business has been extremely successful. Every decade or so the Bobblehead popularity begins to rise in popularity again.

5. Worn and Ripped Clothing

Hats and jeans become extremely comfortable once you have wore them for a few years and the fabric begins to rip, soften-up and the color fades. It use to be that you had to wear a pair of jeans or a hat for a long time before it became “broke-in”, but then they began selling clothing that was already ripped and broken-in. Initially many people thought it was very stupid, yet the sales trend of pre-ripped clothing continues to rise. Distressed clothing is very popular.

4. Antenna Balls

Initially these were considered cute, but the lasting effect that antenna balls have had on our society has been seriously crazy. Every time the fad seems to die down, Jack in the Box will release a new antenna ball and once again you will see them on all types of cars. This is now a niche market as the overall fad of them has died out and gone the way of the California Raisins, however you will still see this stupid business product. This is definitely a stupid business idea to base your market on; however antenna balls have proven to be a great money maker and a unique way for companies to get their customers to voluntarily advertise the company on their own personal vehicle.

3. Million Dollar Homepage

Million Dollar HomepageCredit:

A college student wanted to raise some money for his college costs, so he creates the Million Dollar Homepage. The Million Dollar Homepage use a 1,000x1,000 Pixels graphic. Each individual pixel was to be sold for $1.00 each, with a minimum of 100 pixels purchased. Once you purchased some pixels you could have your ad placed within your pixels on the page. Although this may seem like a stupid idea, he went on to sell every single pixel on the page. He auctioned off the final pixels on EBay and earned over $1,000,000 off of his simple webpage.

2. Sweatin’ to the Oldies

Richard Simmons created the Sweating to the Oldies VHS tapes. You could exercise to 60’s music. While the general premise is OK, it seems like that would be an extremely small niche market. This proved to be untrue, and the Sweating to the Oldies exercise videos from Richard Simmons became a huge seller. The Sweating to the Oldies bred 6 different compilations. Although Richard Simmons has had many different exercise videos, none of them have the name recognition of the Sweating to the Oldies series.

1. Chia Pet

We all know what Chia Pets are! There is no need to describe them, however they seem like they would be a stupid business idea. Chia Pets have proven to be much more than a fad with a very long lasting business that has been very successful. My Favorite Chia Pet is the Homer Simpson Chia Pet and the Barack Obama Chia Pet. Yes this was the stupidest business idea that went on to make millions of dollars in profits.

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