Perfect Sleep Session - Deep Sleep


What is a Perfect Sleep Session? Is it really different from the one I had last night or the one before?

When did you feel very active as soon as you got up from the bed in the morning? That is when you had a near-perfect sleep session. A PERFECT SLEEP SESSION is a session where you dozed off peacefully without any distractions.

So, we spend one-third of our life sleeping but how can we get the PERFECT DEEP SLEEP?

Here are the 13 most helpful tips to achieve a Perfect Sleep Session so that you don’t have a drowsy day tomorrow.


  1. Sleep at a regular time daily
  2. Have dinner at least two to three hours before going to bed
  3. Avoid heavy / hard to digest foods for dinner
  4. Avoid caffeine after dinner and before sleep
  5. Avoid phone calls 30 minutes before going to bed
  6. Never bring work/other tension to your bed
  7. Wash your foot with warm / mild-hot water
  8.  Make sure your bedroom is dark enough & free from distracting sound
  9.  Use white and clean pillows and bedspreads
  10.  Don’t sleep with the LIGHTs ON
  11.  Hear melodious sleepy MUSIC for the first 10-15 minutes
  12. Lie on your bed in a face up - hands stretched out posture
  13. Breathe slowly with long breaths

We need to prepare our body and mind to sleep first. If you watch TV or work in laptop till you fall asleep in your couch and then hit the bed, your sleep quality will be very poor. It is more like our system (body) goes on a strike for more rest. Instead, we should give our body and mind with enough rest when it is due instead of pushing it for later.

  1. Sleep at a regular time daily

Always make it a point to sleep at a regular time daily. You can set that time depending on your routine and the time you need to wake up the next morning. Even if you don’t feel sleepy at that time, just go to bed and try to relax instead of aimlessly surfing the TV channels / Internet. Set an alarm to remind you to go to bed on the pre-defined time until it becomes a habit. This will tune your body clock to tune itself to your new routine (if sleeping patterns are changed).

     2. Have dinner at least two to three hours before going to bed

Have dinner at least 2-3 hours in advance so that the digestion process will not affect your nocturnal rhythm. Having food just before dozing off will result in digestion problem. In order to avoid the digestion process hampering your sleep pattern, it is wise to have your food a good 2 hours before sleep. When you sleep at a regular time daily, it would be easy to schedule a time for dinner (2 hours in advance).

     3. Avoid heavy / hard to digest foods for dinner

Avoid having heavy foods for dinner. It is much wiser to stay clear of foods that has too much of oil or fat and is hard on your digestive system. Brush daily before going to bed (It might sound kiddish but believe me it is as much important to brush teeth at night as it is in the morning).  If you are back from a party / buffet (heavy dinner), drink two cups of hot water right after dinner to aid your system to digest the food a little easily.

   4.Avoid caffeine after dinner and before sleep

Caffeine is a big villain for sleep. Avoid caffeine at all costs especially after dinner. If you want to do a all-nighter, then caffeine is your best friend for that night. But on regular nights, avoid them. Period. No excuses at all.

   5. Avoid making phone calls 30 minutes before going to bed

Don’t stay up on the phone till the moment you close your eyes or chat with your loved ones after lying on the bed. Schedule those calls a good half an hour before your sleep time. This will help you in calming down your mind and relaxing it sufficiently for sleeping. If you have an argument over something, then the mood / tension will obviously spill over to your sleep and you can’t get that conversation out of your mind and it will keep you awake in your bed eating up on your sleep time. Except for unexpected incoming calls, stop using your mobile 30 minutes before your sleep. This will ensure you sleep as soon as you lay on your bed instead of staying awake for the next hour thinking about work / argument that we just had.

     6. Never bring work/other tension to your bed

Focus is the key here. Most of the days, I would bring all the work tension to my bed and spoil my sleeping mood and I would instead linger on my dissatisfaction over my unfinished business. Also, planning for the next day is a big NO. You can allot a specific time for that purpose before sleeping but merging it with sleeping time will not let you do justice to both the activities.

     7. Wash your foot with warm / mild-hot water

On the days when you feel totally tired, wash your foot with warm water some 15-20 minutes before sleep. The palm of the foot has very important nerve points that have nerves connecting almost the entire upper part of body. So, when wash it warm water, it will relax the vital organs through the nerves. It will relax your already tired body and aid in falling asleep faster.


     8. Make sure your bedroom is dark enough & free from distracting sound

You should make sure that the room that you are sleeping is ideal for that purpose. The lighting in the room should be nil and should be free from distracting sounds. The room’s airflow and temperature impacts the sleep directly. Sultry feeling and stagnant air inside the room will make you wake up in the middle of the nights. If the temperature allows, one should try to sleep in a room without air conditioner as well as free flow of air throughout the night.

     9. Use white and clean pillows and bedspreads

The importance of hygiene is ignored carelessly. The quality of sleep is dependent on the comfort of your pillow and the cleanliness of your bed, blanket and bed sheets. If your bed and blanket is not clean or foul smelling, it will act upon your nostrils and your comfort level with your surroundings will take a dip without you consciously knowing it. It is very wise to use same pillows even if you travel to make you feel at home. Use clean pillows and replace them twice a year.

   10. Don’t sleep in the bright LIGHT

Few people claim that the lights will not affect their sleep. But, they are wrong. Since the body is exposed to light, it will take a long time for it to recognize the slumber mode that the brain has entered. The sleep will be a disturbed one if you sleep with the light switched ON. So, use a thick blanket as well as good curtains for windows (if sleeping during a day) and usage of eye-shades are encouraged.

    11. Hear melodious sleepy MUSIC for the first 10-15 minutes

A good melodious music will help your mind relax just before entering the first stage of sleep.  Only music that is soothing and soft is allowed. Rock and Jazz are strictly restricted ;). Some meditational music is suitable for the purpose.  If not available, you can opt for your favorite melodies that will help you relax and forget the day-to-day problems.


    12. Lie on your bed in a face up - hands stretched out posture

The posture in which you sleep is very much important. If you inadvertently roll off to some awkward position, we can't do much about it. But, you can try to fall asleep in a stretched out posture - your hands and legs stretched out. This will make sure your back is resting flatly on the bed thereby reducing the cause for back pain (if you have).

    13. Breathe slowly with long breaths

The pattern of breathing is very important. If you observe your own breathing, when you are furious / angry or highly stressed, you can notice its importance for relaxation. If you were tensed / upset about anything, just concentrate on your own breathing patterns and try to slow it down. When you inhale / exhale four times a minute, your mind will become very calm and relieved. Slow breathing in itself is one of the most important techniques to enter sleeping mode from normal mode.


All the above tips won’t take much time as well as effort to implement on a daily basis. But, it will have a drastic effect on the sleep. If you have any more tips that you follow to fall asleep, please share it below in the comments section and mention which works and which don’t. I would be glad to know additional tips to achieve a PERFECT SLUMBER.