Aside from jewelry, clothing and shoes, perfumes also top the list of most women’s guilty little pleasures. Whether you want to feel soft and innocent or sexy and voluptuous, there is a perfume that can accompany the many sides and moods for being female.  When it comes to the array of different perfumes available on the market today, there is literally no end when it comes to finding the perfect scent for what you are wearing or where you are going.

Escape by Calvin Klein for Women

This perfume has a blend of different fruits like apple, mandarin, peach mixed with rose, musk and sandalwood. From these ingredients, you can expect a powerful but very romantic scent that women can use everyday whether daytime or nighttime.

Fantasy By Britney Spears for Women Eau De Parfum Spray

This will suit every woman’s taste when it comes to perfumes. It brings out that youthful but very sexy scent which women who are young at hear will enjoy. It has a blend of kiwi, chocolate, lychee, orchid and musk. It is strong and powerful but still will elude that innocence in a woman.

Jovan Musk By Jovan For Women. Perfume Oil 0.33 Oz

This perfume features that luxurious, floral but gentle fragrance for women. Women will enjoy the sweet scent of the floral ingredients but will attract more people with its light musk scent. This is best used for special events where a woman needs to mingle in a crowd.

Calvin Klein OBSESSION

This perfume is sensual, sexy and innocent. Any woman would love to put this on especially during a night date or in a special event. This will surely make heads turn as its scent gives out a light but sexy smell. The scent is a mixture of citrus, floral and mysterious smell.

BLUE by Blue Perfumes for Women EAU DE TOILETTE SPRAY 1.15 OZ

This perfume comes in a totally unique packaging. If a man would like to surprise his woman with a perfume, this should be a great choice. The scent is just light and can be used daily. But it can also be a standout during night dates or events as it eludes the sexiness and sensuality of a woman.

euphoria by Calvin Klein Eau de Parfum Spray

This perfume will surely sweep every woman off their feet. The distinct quality of scent that only Calvin Klein has is simply worth every cent of this perfume. This perfume has a touch of floral and fruity but still shows off true sexiness in women.

Usher For Women by Usher Eau De Parfum Spray

An Usher perfume will definitely elude sexiness, hotness and uniqueness. Anybody who uses this will surely have turns turning to them as this perfume gives out a truly magnificent scent but not overpowering.

Tattooed By Inky Perfume, Impression of Ed Hardy for Women

This perfume is made with real intelligence. The scent will match the body chemistry that the woman has at a particular moment. It will not go against the mood of a woman. Therefore, this perfume can be used any time of the day or night. You can use this at whatever event or occasion you want to. And the best thing about this perfume is that it lasts very long.

White Diamonds By Elizabeth Taylor for Women Eau De Toilette Spray

This classic but very sexy scented perfume has a blend of lily, rose, amber and sandalwood. You can use this even during casual dates or events. It lasts very long so you do not need to re-apply. This is best for people who are very busy and do not have the time to check on their scent if it still on or not.

Paris Hilton by Paris Hilton

This sophisticated perfume by Paris Hilton eludes sexiness, innocence and freshness. It has a blend of floral, fruits and the distinct scent from Paris Hilton brand of perfumes. This can be used daily whether for day or night dates or events. It has apple, peach nectar, mimosa, jasmine and ylang ylang.

Eternity Perfume by Calvin Klein for Women Eau De Parfums

This perfume has spice, flowers and fruits which give out a very womanly scent. It is a light, romantic, seductive and sophisticated type of perfume. Women would love to wear this everyday even during the day.

Burberry Burberry Classic

This has a blend of peach, apricot, amber, cedar, sandalwood and musk. It gives off a fruity, romantic, sweet but very sexy scent. Women would love to wear this both daytime and nighttime at whatever event they are up to.

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker Eau de Parfum Spray

If a perfume is made by Sarah Jessica Parker, you can expect it to be sexy, playful, romantic and seductive. It has blends of fruits, flowers and that distinct aroma of a certified perfume from Sarah Jessica Parker. This is best used for a nighttime date or event.

Davidoff Cool Water Woman Eau de Toilette Spray

This perfume is light, refreshing and sensual. It has a touch of citrus, floral and fruity scents blended in one perfect perfume. This can be worn even on an ordinary day and never have to re-spray because the scent stays on skin for a long time.

Jessica Mcclintock By Jessica Mcclintock For Women. Eau De Parfum Spray

It has a blend of lemon, basil, white rose and white jasmine. It has a very floral scent which gives off that light and fresh feeling to a woman. Women would love to splash on this perfume all the time because of its lightness in scent. This can be used day or night.