ways for teens to make money online
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Many people strive to make a living working at home online. There are thousands of ways to make money online. You should pick one to start and it should fit your own personal lifestyle. Most of us get distracted or sidetracked from the process of building an online business, so just stick with the first project. It's alright to try different business ventures, but don’t start anything new unless you realize  its working for you or not. These are a few of the top ways to make extra money online:

Try to invest in your own physical product and sell it online. Purchasing products wholesale and selling them online is also an option for your business.

Affiliate Marketing  is the driving force behind  E-commerce on the internet. You don’t always need your own product. Affiliate Marketing is a good option if you don’t have the money to invest in a product of your own.

You can work from home online as a virtual assistant, customer service agent, or even a Medical Transcriptionist. There are many other jobs that you can choose from. Just do the research and seek opportunity.

Coaching and consulting is an online business option depending on your field and what you enjoy. You need be a marketer as well as an expert in your field to get your name out to potential clients.

Infoproducts can be a fun, creative way to make a living. Most people will pay for information like Ebooks, Reports, MP3 audio recordings , and Video. Some people are bringing income home with Infoproducts.

You can build a service site for customers business to business. Running an email list for your clients. You can offer a service for consumers , like paying a bill for them. This could also be built as a service site.

Social network and Web 2.0  services like YouTube, MySpace, InfoBarrel are a source of income. Competing with others that are already established would be a challenge. Building a network to sale is also an option.

Putting Adsense  on your site you become a content publisher. When visitors come to your site and click your ad or make a purchase you earn income. Some people report this is difficult as a stand alone source.

Ebay, Amazon, or an E-Commerce store can serve as an online business.  Ebay as an e-commerce business does  pretty well for some seeking to make extra money online. Some people report that its comparable to an hourly wage.

Web hosting is a profitable niche because everyone needs a web host.  You pay month-month for the service and are responsible that websites are up 24 /7.

Membership sites create a semi passive income, and you have to do a bit of work each month. The work can be on autopilot and outsourced to others.

Freelance Writer, and  Freelance Artists think of  creative ways to earn money online and your income is dependent solely on you.

There are also companies that will pay you to review their product. 

Create a blog 

Buying and selling domains can be good business.

Trading businesses like Day trader commodities and Forex traders are ways to make money.  Its risky, you can’t be a passive investor. You have should be an active trader and make sure you really know what are doing. You don’t want to lose a tremendous amount of money.

Look around at the opportunities and see what works for you. Follow thru, and research so that you can succeed and know what works for you. Enjoy your work online, learn as much as you can and  if one venture doesn't work for you, try something else. Enjoy your experience and keep building your online business.

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