What Is The Best Diet Plan For You?

It is time to get on a good weight loss program and solid diet plan when you  grab a shirt, blouse, skirt or pants out of your dresser or closet and they just don't fit!  Spring is here for 2012 and it is time to choose a good diet plan and make a resolution to lose that weight now! 

There are many things you can do to try and lose the weight, you can read about one plan like the 17 day diet plan or the South Beach Diet plan or even the Dash Diet Plan and stick to that plan until you lose the weight you hope to lose. Whatever your goal, there IS something out there that can word for you.  If you are a go getter and only need yourself for inspiration, then a good book, a nutritionist and some form of exercise is what you need.  Others may need to join a weight loss plan like Jenny Craig or Weight Watches becasue they need that extra support.  Whatever your case, there is something out there waiting for you!


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List of Great Weight Loss Programs for 2012

  1. Atkins Diet – it is focus on the intake of foods rich in proteins and fats with few carbohydrates. The good side is that it could help in loosing weigh quickly but you will experience fatigue as the common side effect of this diet plan. With this, you will be undergoing four phases of diets; first, you will be eating food rich in proteins, healthy fats and vegetables. Then, the nuts, berries and yogurts, third are the fruits and legumes and lastly are the bread and grains.
  2. Pericone Diet – in this diet plan, you will going to eliminate all the inflammatory foods on your diet. It is advisable for those who are looking for diet plans that will not cost that much money, because you can save your money due to the substantial cut in your food budget. But it is like you are just allowed to eat a small variety of foods since most of the foods, even grains are considered as inflammatory foods.
  3. LA weight loss plan – this diet plan relies on support groups and it has its own line of snacks and food supplements. Good thing is that those support group can really do help as well as counseling. But their products are quiet expensive, it ranges from $109- $250 or even a higher price.
  4. Raw Food diet – almost all the foods including in the diet plan, approximately 75% were all raw, raw fruits and vegetables, NO processed foods allowed. The good thing is you’ve got lot of enzymes from those raw foods that you were planned to eat. But the negative thing is that it is restrictive and you really need to wash your food, whether it is fruits or vegetables, to avoid acquiring some of the bacteria that are just hidden there.
  5. Belly Fat cure – in this diet plan you will lose 4-9 lbs. of your belly fat each week without even considering counting of calories or doing a lick of exercise. You can eat foods rich in protein, fats, and vegetables with small amounts of sugar and complex carbohydrates. Processed foods with artificial sweeteners, cocktails and candy bars are absolutely out. But it can just only give you very few long term effects on your diet.
  6. Body for life diet – you have certain foods for your snacks and you may experience intense daily body workouts. You will have quick reduction in your weigh but it is difficult to continue since you will definitely experience long and difficult workouts. Their product is also quiet expensive that ranges from $80- $110 per package.
  7. Nutri-systems – this diet plan provides no hassle at all. They will be providing personalized foods for 28 days service and all you need is to pick a menu or combination. You were just allowed to eat ONLY the foods that are included in their package. It has no hassle in food preparation but their selection of foods are quiet expensive and there is no assurance that you will automatically like their food. Prices range from $270 and $3000.
  8. Skinny vegan – this diet program emphasize specifically on a vegetables diet to loose weigh as well as to save animals. You are allowed to eat all the organic fruits, veggies, whole grains, and natural food that you want -- but always remember to forget about eating meat, fish, dairy, eggs, sugar, artificial sweeteners, refined flour, caffeine, diet sodas, and anything that contains chemicals that you can't pronounce. But through this diet, it might lead to anemia due to insufficient intake of protein and iron that your body requires.
  9. Jenny Craig diet plan – you will be provided with pre-package foods as well as group support and counseling. Just like the Nutri-System, they will be one who will prepare the foods that you are going to eat. The food is also quiet expensive and there is a tendency that you might not like the foods.
  10. Slim Fast Plan – you can experience the luxury of eating six (6) times a day and still manage to lose weight. It is also flexible, so that you can get the structure that you want with the variety of food that you craved for. You can have snacks, shakes and meal bars and of course a balance diet meal. It is indeed a good plan for those on the go. The shakes taste good and it is fairly inexpensive. But you might experience difficulty in deciding on the snacks and diet meal that was offered.


Reducing your weight is not just only considered healthy in our physical body but as well as our inner self.  You can gain more respect and confidence if  you  radiate it from within. You will start to gain that confidence when you get into shape physically, mentally and emotionally.  Again, with all diet plans make sure you consult your doctor before starting a new diet plan or exercise program.  Drink plenty of water, get a good amount of fresh air and think great thoughts.  Happy weight loss!

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