Best Diet Plans To Center Your Weight Loss Program Around

It's 2012 and you still have not lost the weight you were going to lose in 2010 and 2011.  What are you waiting for? It is time to choose a diet or meet with a nutritionist and have a diet  plan made out for you so that you can lose this weight.  Chances are, you have weight to lose today because you were overindulgent with food, ate the wrong food, have excess emotional baggage that weights on your self-esteem and self-confidence and or you have a medical condition such as problems with your thyroid that cause you to gain weight.  Whatever the reason you are still fat and sitting on the couch, there is a program, a book, a series of things that is there to help you get up off that couch and move into your new weight for 2012.  What are you waiting for?



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Whether you want an all protein diet, a low calorie high fiber diet, the DASH diet, the Miss South Caroline Bree Boyce diet, the Eat clean diet or even the Three Apples A Day diet, there is something out there for everyone. There is no need for you to continue to feel depressed because you tried a diet and it didn't work for you.  Get to know yourself and your needs better and devise a better diet plan that is sure to work for you because you are addressing the areas YOU need to be addressed. A plan that might work for one person, may fail miserably with another. We started with 10 other diet plans in part one for you to think about, there are also other articles that you can read and see how other people lost the weight.  I can't stress enough, get a diet plan that is tailor made for you and you alone. It should include, a good diet plan for everyday, exercise (even if it is just walking), addressing any emotional and psychological barriers to weight loss, and a conversation with your doctor and or nutritionist. Here are the next 10 diet plans.

  1. Medifast diet – it is a low calorie, low fat, nutritionally balanced diet program that helps people to lose their weight faster than traditional diet they said, it offers you the biggest savings as well as saving you time. And if you decide on being a member, here are some of the things that you might be benefited to, free standard shipping, free fifty-six (56) Medifast meals, online meal planner and many more. Medifast diet plan will provide you of different sets of foods that you need to eat in the whole duration of your diet plan.
  2. The Zone – it focuses more on carbohydrates and not particularly on the amount of calorie intake. It divides the carbohydrates, fats and proteins in a certain meal equally. It also  help you to lose fat and increase wellness by reducing cellular inflammation, that is the underlying cause of not only weight gain but also the acceleration of some chronic diseases. This diet plan provides fairly good ratio of the required nutrition of our body.
  3. Biggest looser diet – this diet plans contain daily exercise, small meals and no intake of white flour. If you maintained the diet you will lose up to 2-4 lbs. weekly. The nutritional status of your body will not be compromised since you have a balanced meal every day. In this kind of diet plan what you really need is a great deal of self-discipline and you should be willing to endure lengthy workouts.
  4. Volumetrics – you will be fed-up with water-filled, low calorie foods. You diet will include high intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. Some examples of foods that will be served to you are like salads, soups, whole fruits, whole grains, vegetables, lean meat, poultry, seafood, and dairy. Dry foods like crackers, pretzels and popcorn are restricted as well as chocolate, nuts and cheese.
  5. New South Beach – it is more focus on loosing weights by eating foods that are low in glycerin that maintains the level of insulin. You will be relying on the right carbohydrates and fats. You will be undergoing two (2) phases in this program. But this diet is too restricted for many persons.
  6. Eat Clean Diet Plan – you will be eating foods in their natural to their near natural state. In this diet plan, eating processed food is definitely not allowed. It has large variety of allowable and healthy foods. It is easily adaptable to most recipes.
  7. Mayo clinic diet – this diet plan is based on the balanced nutrition and the low-glycerin foods intake level. It is very doable and it has a very realistic goal to achieve. It has nice set of foods that people will surely love but the sad part is their will be no sweets intake allowed. Since it is also health-based, it is good for the cardiovascular system or the heart. And it ensures enough intake of the bodies required vitamins and minerals.
  8. Weight watchers diet – this diet plan holds no fixed membership period; many people who join Weight Watchers stick with it even after they’ve shed unwanted pounds. Certain foods are equivalent to some points, and you are just allowed to consume according to your diet guidelines. It also offers support both online and in groups, as well as counseling and motivating a certain individual. It also promotes heart health.
  9. Ornish diet – it is nutritionally solid and your heart will surely love this diet plan. It characterized foods in five different groups according to the most up to the least healthful.
  10. You – on a diet plan – it focuses on lifestyle modification, incorporating exercise and balancing nutrition & vitamins according to the body requirement. It more focuses on the persons drive in fulfilling his or her goal to reduce weight. It works only on a  long term basis. It is more into the after effect of the diet plan, the lifestyle that the person will develop upon acquiring such diet plan.


The diet plan you choose will be the one that works best with your time, needs and expectations.  Most diet plans are very similar, it is the small differences that may or may not be beneficial to you.  Before you choose a diet plan, make sure you sit down with a doctor or a nutritionist so that you know the plan you choose will not only help you lose weight, but will be health for you and your body type.  Never just go on a blanket diet, make sure what ever plan you choose, the diet is taylor made just for you.

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