Denali National Park and Preserve
This park surrounds Mount McKinley, which is the tallest point in Alaska. Here, visitors get the chance to view wildlife and witness spectacular panoramic views. You can even see glaciers and wooded islands in the distance.

Alaska's Museum of Natural History
This popular tourist destination is in Anchorage. It is a family friendly destination that features a simulated fossil dig. Along with that, visitors can enjoy a wide variety of Alaskan dinosaur displays.

El Dorado Gold Mine
This unique Alaska tourist destination is great to explore. Visitors get the opportunity to see how panning for gold was done long ago. In fact, the mine shafts date all the way back to the early 1900s.

Alutiiq Museum and Archaeological Repository
Here, you get the opportunity to see how native tribes once lived. There are displays throughout the museum that demonstrates how the natives survived centuries ago. There is even some rare artifacts that make the displays more realistic.

This destination is in Anchorage, Alaska. It is an indoor water park that is open year round. Some of the highlights of this popular tourist destination include a wave pool, lazy river and a Master Blaster uphill water coaster.

Alaska's Raptor Center
This place is a seventeen-acre campus for bald eagles. Here, visitors get the chance to have an up-close view of bald eagles. Not only that, but the center also features golden eagles, falcons, owls and hawks.

Nome, Alaska was home to the last gold stampede that ever took place within the American West. Here, you can walk the dirt paths of an Eskimo village, or you can explore the beaches. You can even spot reindeer in the area.

Alaska's Aviation Heritage Museum
This is a great place to visit if you want to learn about Alaska's airlines. You will find simulation displays and artifacts that detail the aviation industry and its history in Alaska.

Buskin River State Park
Kodiak, Alaska is home to this popular state park. Many consider it to be a paradise because it is a peaceful place to spend some time. An added benefit is that it overlooks the beautiful St. Paul Harbor.

Iditarod is an event that takes place during the winter in Anchorage. It is a race that features challenging cross-country routes through Alaska's wilderness. Along with the race, the rest of Anchorage turns into a winter carnival for everyone to hang out.

Alaska's Native Heritage Center
This is another popular tourist destination in which people learn about the ancient ways of the natives. In fact, there are eleven different cultural groups that have displays showing what their lifestyle was like many centuries ago.

Saxman Totem Park
This park is in Ketchikan. It is an interesting place to visit because it has the world's largest collection of standing totem poles. In fact, totem poles are what the city of Ketchikan is known for.

Salmon Bake and Palace Theater
Many consider this to be the best dining theater in all of the United States. It is a great place for visitors to catch a show. Not only that, but they also get the opportunity to eat native Alaskan foods.

Imaginarium Science Discovery Center
This place has a lot to offer in terms of science and knowledge. Here, tourists learn about a wide range of topics. For instance, tourists can learn about the color of light, or spend some time exploring reptile cages.

Isabel Miller Museum
This museum allows you to discover how American settlers lived during the time of the thirteenth colony. Along with that, you can learn about the Tlingit's and the Russians. It is an informative museum that is full of interesting displays.

Sheldon Jackson Aquarium
This aquarium allows you to get a hands-on experience with many of Alaska's sea creatures. Some of the many creatures include star fish, abalone and sea anemones.

Tongass National Forest
This national forest is in Juneau, which is the capital of Alaska. It is home to a wide variety of animals. Some of these include mountain goats, glacier bears and orca whales.

Misty Fjords National Monument
This monument was created in 1978 by Jimmy Carter. It is an area that is full of wildlife. There are many great activities that tourist's can participate in here. Some of which include kayaking, river rafting, hiking and camping.

Wrangell-St. Elias National Park
This location is a popular line of Alaskan mountains. It even features Mount Bona, which is the highest volcano in the United States. Along with that, it includes part of Glacier National park. It is a beautiful location to check out.

Portage Glacier
This is usually Alaska's most visited tourist destination. Here, you can walk along the shore or you can even take a hike and climb on a glacier. Along with that, visitors can take a boat ride to get an up-close encounter of an iceberg.

Kenai River
The Kenai River flows through the city of Soldotna. One of the most popular activities that take place in this city is fishing. In fact, the Kenai River is a fishing hot spot. If fishing is not your thing, canoeing is also a favorite for the area.

Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park
This most visited tourist destination is in Skagway, Alaska. One of the best ways to view the park is to take a guided tour. There is even a Gold Rush Cemetery that is worth checking out.

Kachemak Bay
This area is rich with marine life. The town that it's in is known for their large halibut. Not only that, but it is an area that is worth checking out because it has a postcard-beautiful setting.

This is a gold rush town that also features a wide range of wildlife. It is a popular tourist destination due to its extensive history. It was also the place that had the massive oil spill back in 1989.

Oscar Anderson House Museum
This historical museum is in downtown Anchorage. Oscar Anderson's house was the first wood-framed house in Anchorage.