Certainly many have wondered on occasion: "What is this?" Referring to a website with a fairly short name just redirecting them to another, longer, such as online newspapers.How is it possible? Everything has an explanation.

What are the shortening of URLs and what I can need them?

The operation is quite simple: just go to the website of any of the shortening of URLs, enter the web address you want to shorten and within seconds, we will have a web address far fewer characters. This shortened web address will be available temporarily or indefinitely, depending on the service that we used.

Should clarify the term shortened web address ... what is it? It is basically a web address with a few characters (much less than the web we've 'hidden' for sure), which can be useful in different circumstances.

Hide our website. Suppose you have a website and want to promote it, but without raising too much suspicion. Hide our website through these URL shortening might be a good idea.

Affiliate links. Whether face to search engines or to prevent the visitor know that you are redirecting to a website that will provide income to the owner of the website in case there is a purchase or simply a record.

Twitter. The Twitter phenomenon is increasingly used by users from all over the world. Its limitation to 140 characters per tweet makes URL shortening become crucial to communicate to our supporters web site addresses. Today it is arguably one of the reasons why most used URL shortening, with some specific Twitter.

Spam. Sadly, the shortening of URLs are also used as a new form of spam, which is the least noticeable unable to see the real URL you are accessing the access link.

Statistics. Not all have this feature, but it is the case of certain shortening of URLs can see how many times have you accessed the link. If we use Google Analytics on our website or blog, you can also access this function, but here are equally valid alternative.

Web access memory. It may happen that we get to memorize the web address after being shortened, so it is not only suitable to face the visitors but also for ourselves in case we need to access a specific website on a computer that is not our .

List of top 25 web sites to shorten a URL







Fon Get Simple

Tiny URL












Cuts Link

Link Slash



URL Pass