Travelling alone can create a fair few problems but it does have some distinct advantages, to travelling with others.


One of the main advantages to travelling alone is independence. It can be so lovely to please yourself and not have to consider others. If you want to rise from your bed late there will be no one waiting for you and, perhaps, grumbling. You need only to worry about yourself and will not have to give thought and consideration to anyone else. Travelling alone allows you to be totally selfish and satisfy your every desire.

Plans can be changed so easily, and at the drop of a hat, if you are travelling alone. Often travelling companions will have their own fixed idea of the journey, accommodation and destination.


All of the above then means that you can be truly flexible. There will be no need to discuss any itinerary changes before implementing them. Thrashing out your ideas and plans can be time consuming and a general pain in the rear. Whatever your specific needs, and wants, are they can be met more easily. If you like to travel, with only vague plans made beforehand, travelling alone will be ideal. As you decide exactly where and how you want to travel, you can adjust your trip.

Your time is your own.

When you travel solo, you will usually get much more out of your holiday. You will not have to wait whilst your companion, or companions, bathe, dress, sleep eat, swim, shop and more. Whatever you want to do, and when you want to do it, is your choice. No wandering the shops with a fellow traveller, as you gradually feel bored to death and yearn for something different. Travelling alone gives you total control and choice, and both of these enable you to use your time fully.

In General

Of course travelling alone is not for the fainthearted. Everything will be your responsibility. If you lose your money or your passport, for example it will be down to you. You will also have to sort out such problems. Solitary travellers also need to consider their safety and travel accordingly.

However, one of the other great advantages to travelling alone is that there will be no one to argue or quarrel with. Arguments often happen when you travel and they can spoil the whole experience. Finally being alone inevitably leads to more communication with people, such as the locals and other people previously unknown to you. This may lead to visiting sights that are off the beaten track and away from the tourist traps.

Ask anyone who regularly travels alone why they like to do so and I guess they will say, the freedom.