As we grow most people tend to leave family travel behind. After all, as a young adult who wants to travel with Mum and Dad? Well perhaps you should want to. There are pros and cons to travelling with family rather than going solo or travelling with friends. Here are my top 3 reasons, why I think that it is advantageous to travel with family.

  1. There is safety in numbers. So many of these old adages are very true. If there are a few people travelling together the odds are that they will be much safer. Of course if you are travelling with friends, they may part company with you at the first good offer. Not so with family members. Usually your family has your best interests at heart and will stick by you come thick or thin. You should be able to share carrying precious items such as passports, tickets and money between the group as you know and trust each other so well. On the whole I would say that your family would stick by you and make sure that you are safe and no harm comes your way.
  2. Your family know you better than anyone else. Perhaps you would disagree with this statement but just think about it. You may have known a friend a few months but your family all of your life. As such they should understand you well, know what makes you happy and have your best interests at heart. They will understand any of your shortcomings and health issues but this will not be a nuisance to them.
  3. Travelling with a varying age group of people means that you have many skills to rely on. Never disregard life skills. These may be accquired over many years but stand the person in good stead. When you travel with your family you may be accompanied by young and old. With a wealth of experience, such family members should be able to prevent problems or help out in difficult situations. The skills mixture that will be on offer in a family group will be vast.

When you travel with your family you may find that you do not have to stand on ceremony, in quite the same way as you do with friends and accquaintances. If you are fed up or have something to say there should not be a problem.

You have shared a home with your family, possibly in the past, but this should mean that you do not feel uncomfortable sharing holiday accomodation with them. A long journey may mean that you have to sleep on a train, for example, and this should hold no fear or embarassment.

Many people find when they are travelling they feel vulnerable and insecure. With good family members to share the journey this should not be the case. Travelling with your family supplies safety, care, security. familiarity, authority, friendship, knowledge and much, much more.