Top 3 Android File Manager Applications

Android phones are great user friendly phones with a large amount of applications available. Thus you will end up creating a lot of files which you will have to manage well in order to ensure that you can maximize the usage of your phone. Here is a list of the top 3 Android file manager applications which you can use to simplify the usage.

ASTRO File manager

One of the best Android file managers that integrates well with the system, it also functions pretty smoothly as well. It gives you the ability to copy-paste files, move them to different folders, zip etc. with reasonable ease. You can also create a back up so that you can easily secure some of the important files on your cell phone. The task manager feature also helps to ensure that you can monitor the usage of your phone memory.

Other important features include the ability to delete multiple files and also get information on the size or version of a particular file. Above all, ASTRO file manager application is very user-friendly. You can simply download it and start using.

You can get a free version but for a version without ads, you have to pay a small price.

Download ASTRO file manager


AndroZip File manager

Another very popular Android file manager, AndroZip is quite similar to ASTRO. It is simple to use and also has features like a built in file manager. An additional benefit with AndroZip is that it also helps to manage files in your SD card along with the one of your phone OS. You can use the application to compress your files in various formats, this allows faster and easier file sending via email as well as reduce the amount of storage space required.

Like ASTRO, you can use AndroZip for creating a back up as well as you get the facility of using the task manager.

The free version comes with its share of ads however you can opt for an ad free paid version as well.

Download AndroZip file manager


ES File Explorer

The third placed Android file manager is equally useful as the first two. The ES file explorer has almost all features available with ASTRO and AndroZip. You can get a good interface, easy to manage files, create shortcuts as well as browse the files from your SD card. It is again a near perfect option. Its ability to connect to the LAN via Bluetooth and act as a FTP definitely earns some reward points for the file manager.

It is a free application that you can download today.

Download ES File Explorer

While all the top 3 Android file manager applications are worthy of a download, you have to fine which one suits your needs the best. ASTRO is the top rated one because of the number of positive user reviews it has and a lesser number of complaints logged. It is possible that with your Android phone or type of usage, any of the other options may be preferable. Since you have all the three available for free, you can afford to get them all and only keep the best.