Super Foods

To be a superhero, then you are going to need to eat your super foods. If you want to make the most out of your physical activity or sport as an athlete then a good diet must be in check.



Depending on your goals, gender and activity level, you are going to need to make sure you're getting enough from your nutrition daily. To do this, include healthy foods that are nutrient rich that provides you with the energy and strength you need.

There is no nutrition plan that suits everyone, it always depends on you and what you are trying to do. For lean muscle mass and fat loss, every bodybuilder will always include at least one of these top 3 foods and they will agree on its importance of their diet.

In this article, I will tell you the top 3 foods that an athlete, fitness competitor, power-lifter and bodybuilder would always include in their diets.

Of course the foods I list are not the only ones that you should consume but it should be the basis of your diet unless of course your allergic or can't consume one of these foods for whatever reason. You can always reward yourself with a treat if you have a craving while on a clean diet.

Are you ready for the top 3 foods?

The Secret Egg

You need them!


The number one food with a highly nutritional source of vitamins and a high bioavailability of protein (90%) is eggs. One medium egg has 5 grams of fat, 6 grams of protein and all 9 essential amino acids which are all easily absorbed by your body and muscles. It does have cholesterol, but fear not, it is not the cause of high cholesterol. In fact, it may even help control or lower it.  

Not all fats are created equal, and it's only natural to think that eggs are bad for you because of it's fat content. This is not true, especially with eggs: there is only 1.5 grams of saturated fat and the rest is polyunsaturated and monounsaturated. These are healthy fats and if you avoid the yolk, then your heart won't benefit from its content of choline. It's fully of dietary cholesterol but this will not enter your blood stream and won't raise your levels of LDL. (bad cholesterol)


It's completely natural and straight from chickens' butt. Although it's completely clean when laid and it has a natural antibiotic coat covering it.

This has to be one of the greatest gift from mother nature. It's great for the eyes (Vitamin A) and it prevents heart attacks(choline). If you're low on vitamin B12(creation of red blood cells), this is loaded with it as well as a variety of B vitamins (B1, B2, B6). Which is great news for women as it helps reduce the risk for breast cancer by 24 percent.

This super-food makes you stay full longer and it helps you have energy all day long.

If you enjoy eggs raw, look for pasteurized eggs as it has been soaked in warm water to kill bacteria. Go for organic eggs or omega 3 enhanced eggs as they are both better than buying from other ones which are fed byproducts or other additives.

Now you know you can sunny side up some eggs with every breakfast you get!

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Long Lasting Energy!

The Super Carb

Is there food that put a halt to your sugar cravings and random bursts of binge eating? Yes, there is such a thing and it's Oatmeal. It's another super-food that is completely natural and it's full of long lasting carbohydrates, fiber, and protein.

Get a measuring cup out because it only has 130 calories per one cup. Yet, it keeps you full longer, keeps your blood sugar in control and LDL cholesterol levels down. It has anti oxidants that protects against heart disease, heart failure and may reduce risk for certain cancers.  A deadly and extremely beneficial combination to be put together with your eggs in the morning.



Many foods out there are healthy but this is one of the reasons why oatmeal should be always be in your diet: It's fiber content will help with lowering cholesterol and it will help control your appetite. If you find your weight-loss to be challenging, this will help greatly to stop your sugar cravings and binge eating. Add more fruits and vegetables to your oatmeal dish will surely maximize your weight-loss.

Oatmeal also has magnesium which helps with the production of insulin and proper use of glucose. This will lower the risk of diabetes (type 2). if you add in milk, then you lower the risk of type 1 diabetes by 13 percent.

Oatmeal with eggs is a great combination for anyone looking to make the most out of their days. You can look forward to days when you don't have a mid-afternoon crash because with a bowl of oatmeal in the morning, your blood sugar will be stabilized for the rest of the day. This food will also help with the digestion of eggs with its' fiber content.


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Super Fruit

It's true that there are a variety of foods that prevent cancer and all of them are great, none should be neglected. There is no magic food that will stop all diseases or else you would have heard of it in a study and it would be all over the news.

With this in mind, there is one food that should be included in your daily diet and should never be underestimated: avocados. Again, it is high in fat but with healthy fats. Mother nature would never give us food that will cause problems to our health unless we are allergic to it or something similar.

Nutrients are absorbed faster when eaten with Avocados. One study showed that the amount of carotenoids (lycopene and beta carotene) were absorbed 5 times more when eaten with salad.

Oral cancer is protected against with the help of the compounds contained within Avocados. It's shown to destroy oral cancer cells without harming healthy ones.

You only need one week of consuming avocados to see a drop of 17% in cholesterol levels. The drop is caused by beta-sitosterol: high amounts of this compound is contained in this super fruit.


The strong compounds and nutrients of defense never ends! There is also a glorious amount of vitamin E which is shown to boost the immune system and protect against illnesses and diseases. This vitamin is also great for skin as it keeps it youthful and soft, it'll help you age while maintaining your youth and immune system!

All 18 amino acids are available to be absorbed from this fruit. This means the protein in it is complete and it is more easily absorbed than eating meat like steak. The reason for this is because avocados contain fiber which helps with digestion.  

If you are a vegetarian or you're looking for another source of protein, then you should consider avocados to be a part of your diet!

Note that you should eat it when it's ripe. To check if its ripe just give it a light squeeze to see if it's soft and there should be no dents on it.

With Super Food Comes Great Responsibilities

Eat these 3 foods and you're on your way to a better state of health. There is a catch though, you still need to include other sources of fiber, protein and carbohydrates as some may compliment each other. One may have more of a vitamin or mineral than the other so having a balanced diet is important to have.

A combination of these 3 foods with others will have a great effect as many people are deficient in some of the nutrients in its' content or may be in risk of many diseases or cancers. No matter what your goal is, weight loss, longer life or more quality lifestyle, you can do it but just take care of your own health f0r the long term and short term! You can start having the qaulity of life that you deserve.


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