Everyone wants to do their part in leaving a smaller carbon footprint and one such way is to use battery powered lawn mowers. 

These have been out for a few years now, but they have become more popular as engineers and designers create the best of the best when it comes to having a lawn mower that can do the job needed without faltering or sputtering or running out of juice too soon.

As we know, those older gas push mowers that are un-tuned, can leave a smoke cloud after cutting the lawn, but those old gas mowers could cut through thicker grass and mulch which some of the earlier electric or rechargeable mowers could not do.

But now they can do the same work without the smoke cloud!  Here are three of the top performers of  lawn mowers that run on battery power.

 Earthwise 60120 20-inch 24 Volt Cordless electric LawnmowerBattery powered lawn mowers(94376)Credit: Amazon

This is an affordable option for the lawn mowers powered by battery, as you can get this model for under 300 dollars.

It has a 3 in 1 design for mulch, side and rear discharging, with a single lever to raise height from ½ inch to 4 inches in 7 stages.  It has a safety blade control and can cut through that thick lawn.  It has oversized 9-1/2 inch back wheels to help you navigate terrain on your property without slipping.  With a 20 inch pass, you will get the job done quicker on one charge.

The handle folds down so you can easily store the mower and the 24 volt battery is removable, this model would be perfect for the smaller to medium sized yard in town.


Black and Decker CM1936 19 inch 36 volt cordless electric lawnmowerBattery Powered Lawn MowerCredit: Amazon

This model costs a little more, but it can cut up to a 1/3 of an acre on one charge, and the battery is removable so that you could have a ready to go spare battery for larger properties.

It has a very powerful and yet efficient motor that allows it to cut further on one charge.  It starts instantly and runs very quietly, not like those old gas mowers!

This model would be perfect for the larger yard.  So even out in the country you can still use an alternate power source.

Worx WG783 Lil’ mow 14-inch 24-volt Cordless 3 in 1 lawnmower.Battery Powered Lawn MowersCredit: amazon

This model is an affordable option for the much smaller lot.  It works for 30 minutes on a single charge and has a 14 inch width to each pass.  Despite its smaller size, this machine works just as well as the bigger ones, but in fact works quite well in tight spaces and around corners.

It all depends on your yard and your needs.  All models above offer bagging for the clippings, so that you don’t have to rake afterwards, but one of the best features about using alternate powered lawn mowers is just how quiet they run.  You may find yourself keep checking to make sure it is on.

You can purchase second batteries if you have a lot of yard to cut while the other is recharging as the batteries are completely removable making charging easy.

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, especially this summer, then consider trading in your old gas guzzler for a battery powered lawn mower.

start saving electricity and gas.