The top 3 best electronic gadgets for me are an Android tablet, the ACER ASPIRE A5, and a Roku LT. To get these gadgets, I would need a discount. For the Android tablet, I already have an iPAD that was purchased for me through my job. I prefer the operating system and openness of the Android operating system. I'd get one if I could get a discount that would bring the price down to $125 - I could then justify it. Even with my tablets, there are some things that they just cannot do so I still need a laptop. My work laptop is a tank and for me to really want to carry one with me, I'd need something as light as a tablet. The Acer Aspire seem beautifully designed and I'd love one. I'd be willing to pay $350-$400. Finally, we have been trying to get rid of our cable. The Roku seems like a perfect solution, however I'm skeptical. The price would have to be right for me to try it and the overall cost (equipment + subscription) would have to result in pretty decent savings. I'd be willing to pay $100 for the box. - Seattle

The top 3 best gadgets that I frequently look for discounts on are the ipod touch, a new laptop, and a digital camera. Since these items rarely see discounts I have yet to get any of them. Since I recently lost my camera I am looking to replace it, though as I received the first one as a gift I had not realized how expensive they are. While some digital cameras become discounted they typically are low quality and require batteries. The same for laptops, those that do become discounted are usually low quality. I prefer to have a higher quality product for obvious reasons and also I already have high quality items and would not like to downgrade. - Carlisle, PA

The top 3 best electronic gadgets I wish I could get a discount on is the kindle fire because of the availability of apps and the overall usefulness of the device, and a discount on something already that cheap is always good. My number two thing would probably be an iPhone because I like having the ability to have iTunes and android apps. The last thing I would like a discount on would probably be a nice camera because taking a good picture of scenery or something is fun. $150 for the fire, $200 for the iphone and $200 for the camera seems like a good price to me. - Conover, NC

The top 3 best gadgets I'd like to get a discount on Black Friday are phones, iPods and game consoles. For phones, I'd pay up to 300 but optimally I'd pay 200 for them. For iPods, I'd like to pay 200 for the latest model. For game consoles, they traditionally don't see that big of a price drop but I'd pay 200 for a PS3 and about 100-150 for an Xbox. Concerning phones, the bigger the discount, the better because I'm in the Pay-as-you-go market. Purchasing a phone outright will save a ton of money down the road. Some of the top end smartphones sell for 300 so getting a 100 discount is to your advantage. With iPods, they are traditionally priced at about 220 for the lowest storage model. It's not that big of a discount but I'd buy it just to upgrade. For game consoles, a step down from 300 to 200 is a big discount. It makes sense to try to score a console for 100 dollar discount compared to normal price. There is no other time other than Black Friday where this kind of discount happens. - Avondale, Arizona

My top 3 gadgets that I would like to see to have a significant price reduce would be: iPhone 4s, Nokia Lumia and The new XBOX 360 Slim. iPhone has a fair amount of market share that attracts many developer. With this reason, to own one of the infamous iOS device is a smart decision as I allow myself to open to many interesting projects that several developer has to offer. The Nokia Lumia is one of the newest smartphone on nokia lineup that has completely abandon its existing operating system and decided to partner with Windows instead. Windows has been the dominant holder of Personal computer market for a good reason and it shows with its latest partner in hand with Nokia. The new XBOX 360 has been redesigned again and with its latest rendition, it might just be the best XBOX Console to date. Microsoft has learned its lesson from many cases of console overheat that seems to span across more than half of its console. Now they have returned with something that even more efficient yet perhaps more powerful console. iPhone 4s Should seek a lower reduce just like its recent sibling, 3GS to $99. Nokia Lumia should also seek these same lower competitive price of $99 and the New Slim Xbox 360 should also hit reduce for its years of glory to $99 as well. - Bethesda, ME

I would love to have a discount on three Apple products that I will need to upgrade in the near future: the iPad, the iPod and the Macbook Pro. While I understand the higher price that comes with Apple's higher quality it would be nice to have occasional sale or discount opportunities. For the iPad, I would like for the 64GB version to maybe have a $100 discount from time to time on both options. The iPod I would like to see for maybe $100 instead of $129. And for the Macbook Pro, I think a discount of $200-$300 depending on the model purchased would be a great benefit. - Chicago, IL

The top 3 best electronic gadgets I'd like to get at a good price are an iPhone, a flat screen TV, and a laptop. I've never had a smart phone so I don't mind starting with an older, early generation iPhone. Anything would be better than what I have now. I'm willing to spend up to $80 for an iPhone. I'd love a new TV but can't spend much. $180 would be my top price for a big flatscreen TV. I'd love a laptop to replace my old desktop. I could go up to $200 for a good laptop. I hope I can find deals somewhat close to this. I'm not very hopeful about the TV but I can maybe get something decent in that range for the phone and laptop. - Georgetown, Texas