The prices of high-definition camcorders can range quite a bit. You may notice when you shop for them that the videocameras you see for sale under $300 dollars are often a lot smaller and are not always the best in terms of quality. That being said, there are a number of cheap HD camcorders available that are certainly worth buying, especially when you include other variables that bring the cost down even further, such as discounts and clearances.

In this article we will review three of the highest-selling cameras for less than three hundred bucks, and you will realize that you don't always have to cough up $500 or $600 for a good hi-def videocamera.

Best New & Used High-Definition Camcorders Under $300 for Sale - 2012

Panasonic HD Camcorders Under $300Credit:

Panasonic HDC-TM80S Twin-Memory Videocamera

New: $450
On Sale: $250
Used: $200

This is by far the biggest discount you'll find for a camera of this calibur. Originally priced over $400, the Panasonic HDC-TM80S can be bought on Amazon for up to $200 less than the regular retail cost! Add in the amazing features and technology that comes with these popular HD camcorders, and you'll understand why they are listed first. Some of the components that make this twin-memory hi-def camera worth their affordable price include a 33.7 mm wide-angle lens, a zoom mic and wind noise cancel option, an impressive 42x zoom and advanced HYBRID O.I.S design.

As far as storage goes, this is one of the major aspects that play a part in why these are considered by many to be the best HD camcorders under $300. This is because they come with a 16GB built-in memory, and recording capabilities that are compatible with SDXC, SDHC and SD memory cards.

Canon HD Camcorders Under $300Credit:

Canon VIXIA HF R200 Full HD Camcorder

New: $330
On Sale: $290
Used: $270

Canon is a top brand name that you can rarely go wrong with when it comes to any type of camera, so it's almost a give-in that they would be featured here. The VIXIA HF R200 comes with 2 SDXC-compatible memory card slots, a 3.28-megapixel full hi-def CMOS image sensor, and a DIGIC DV III image processor. In addition to these great features, these are some of best HD camcorders for sale because of their impressive 28x advanced zoom and dynamic IS which stabilizes a wide range of movements to allow you to produce smooth, steady videos.

Drift Innovations HD Camcorders Under $300Credit:

Drift HD170 Video Camera

New: $330
On Sale: $215
Used: N/A

For anyone looking to buy really good 1080p HD camcorder under $300 dollars, the Drift Innovations HD170 is a top choice for many reasons. Not only are they the most affordable hi-def videocameras on this list, but they also come in a package form which provides a number of other perks and components that make them well worth their cheap price.

The Drift HD170 features either 1080p, 730 or WVGA high-definition settings and 5 megapixel photos from a 170-degree wide-angle lens (hence the model name). With a built-in LCD screen, you can get a great shot and preview your videos and show them off to your friends and family. The RF remote control is great for conserving battery life and memory and allows you to increase your editing time significantly by making it easier to film shorter clips, while also providing safe starts and stops during recording. These HD camcorders under $300 include a mult-sport mounting bracket and night mode for superior low-light performance, as well as a 4x zoom, which isn't the best, but is still not too shabby for the price.

You can actually find several other hi-def videocameras for less than three hundred dollars, but none of them currently have the kind of reputation that these do. Most of the top-rated cheap HD camcorders under $300 for sale are not as advanced as the more expensive ones, so sometimes it's better to instead buy a used or refurbished camera that was once a lot pricier when it was brand new.