Did you know that motorcycle crashes is linked to more than 5,000 deaths in the US every year?

In fact, California has one of the highest incidents of motorcycle accidents in the whole country with about 400 deaths annually. These numbers do not even include all the injuries that have resulted from these accidents.

A Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney can help you recover your losses especially if you were not the main cause of these crashes.

However, it would still be a good idea if you take your safety more seriously while riding your two-wheeled vehicle.

But why is the number of motorcycle crashes so high?

In the past few years, the number of motorcycle accident rises while the number of car accidents decreases.

Although car crashes still hold the top spot for most non-illness related deaths in the country, it is still alarming that the number of motorcycle related deaths are rising.

So what could be the possible causes?

Well here are some of the possible reasons:

  • Alternative to cars

With the recent economic slump, a lot of people cannot afford to buy a car for personal transportation so they are forced to find alternatives and motorcycles fit the bill.

In fact, the price of a brand new motorcycle is usually just a quarter of the price of a brand new car.

This resulted in the increase of motorcycle owners thus also increasing the probability of motorcycle accidents.

  • New high speed models

If you would notice, the main selling point of most motorcycle manufacturers is how fast their models can go.

It is ridiculous how fast these new motorcycles can go even though these speeds are not allowed in California streets.

Place these high speed bikes on the hands of regular drivers and you increase the risk of a crash.

  • Lane splitting

Lane splitting is not illegal in California and there are indeed studies that support the argument that it does not present any immediate danger to the biker as long as it is done in a safe way.

The problem arises when it is not done in a safe way like moving between two vehicles in high speed.

Getting Legal Help

If you have been injured in a motorcycle crash, the Mesriani Law Group has a team of expert Los Angeles injury attorneys ready to help you explore your legal options.