The Celtic Cross is a Symbol of Christianity

Christians all around the world now have access to more learning tools, opinions, and other information than ever before in history because of the Internet and its vast number of Christian blogs. Every believer, it seems, from the most famous preacher to the least well-known church member has a blog, and so it can be difficult to discern the good ones from the not-so-good ones. This guide is offered to help you pick the very best Christian blog sites for your own edification.

Before I give you what I believe to be the top 3 Christian blogs, I must make a special mention of the blog hosted by Ligonier Ministries. I talked all about Ligonier in my previous article on the top 3 Christian ministries, and felt that it would not be fair if I put their blog on this list. It is definitely worth checking out, however, as it offers a ton of resources, deals, and other goodies.

Let us move on then to the top 3 Christian blogs:

Tim Challies was one of the first Christian bloggers, and his Christian blog site remains a must read even to this day. A Reformed Baptist and web designer who lives in Toronto, Canada, Challies offers an informed, Christian response to many different issues in both the church and the world today. In addition to insightful book reviews, Challies has a program in which users can read Christian classics along with him. He also provides a great summary every day of major news, cultural trends, Christian activities and so forth that believers should know about. Increasingly, Challies is also being solicited for advice in how Christians can take advantage of the new media to the glory of God. His opinions on this matter are always well thought out, and every technologically-savvy Christian should consider them seriously.

Alpha and Omega Ministries

Dr. James White is the primary contributor to this blog on Christian apologetics. Based in Phoenix, Ariz., Dr. White and Alpha and Omega Ministries specialize in hosting formal debates with Muslims, Roman Catholics, Mormons, and other folks, and these debates are designed both to show audiences the differences between debate opponents and present a cogent case for Reformed, biblical Christianity. Clips from these debates are often posted for free on this page, and there is a link to Alpha and Omega Ministries' Youtube page that includes Christian preaching from Dr. White, and many other excellent resources. Christians who have an interest in learning more about their faith and defending it when talking with others should definitely check this blog out.

reformation 21

The blog for the online magazine reformation21 features contributions from Derek Thomas, Carl Trueman, and others who are associated with the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals. The commentary on cultural issues found here is always well worth reading, and most of the authors manage to make some insightful comments with a dose of good, tongue-in-cheek humor. This blog also has links to book reviews and other great information, and it should be a daily stop for all believers trying to understand how to engage the culture.


Although there are many fine Christian blogs out there, this list represents the best blogs for Christians online today. Visit these top 3 Christian blogs, and you will certainly learn much more about the Christian faith.