A long time ago, a guy that everyone thought was insane invented electricity. Today, hardly anyone lives without this modern convenience and when it goes out, most of us tend to be at a loss. Over time a simple answer developed: diesel power generators.

While there are several different brands out there to choose from, there are only three that have continuously sold well enough to make it to the top: Auroura, Pramac, and Stephill.

Aurora Generators are very popular among a wide variety of people, but are mainly used in residential situations. In specific, the Aurora AGI 6800SDE Diesel Generator is quiet and comes with a convenient preheat feature as well as a remote control.

Aside from that, this electric start generator can produce up to 6500 Watts of power, which is enough to power a decent sized house (about 2 to 3 bedrooms) and most of its appliances.

Pramac also makes a generator that's popular among the residential public and that's the P4500 SYHDI. This generator is much like the Aurora generators and is just as quiet. This generator features a quality Yanmar generator that ensures long life. With about 3000 Watts provided from this generator, you will most likely be able to power your apartment and most of the appliances within without trouble.

Finally, Stephill features a quietly operating generator - the SE 4000D 4kVA. Coming in between the Pramac and Aurora at 3200 Watts of power generated, this diesel generator can power the likes of an apartment or small home without trouble.

Natural gas is quickly becoming a hot commodity among generators. Even though many people are trading in their old diesel models for natural gas ones, diesel has the ability to provide uninterrupted power to your home.

Many natural gas generators have issues with start up and continuous power generation and in surprising contrast to some degree, diesel power generators tend to outlast gasoline even in the case that they have the same rating.

While many other brand name companies like Hardy Diesel and John Deere also manufacture diesel power generators, their brand names are normally crowded with too much sparkle and shine and normally work with heavy price tags.

Working with diesel seems to be the way to go over gas anyhow and selecting the right generator for your living situation means determining how much power you normally consume in any given day.

In many situations, the ideal outcome is to survive for more than one day and there are several other things to consider when buying a generator other than what you would be using it for.

Also take into consideration the amount of diesel or natural gas you are going to need, how many things you would like to power within your home, and how long you would like to have that power should an outage occur citywide.

Lastly, consider the fact of stocking up on fuel when you know a potential disaster is going to hit; it's a necessity just like water in a time of crisis.