1.) Chuckit Ball Launcher

The first toy that I am giong to be talking about is the Chuckit Ball Launcer. This thing is a god send. The Chuckit Launcher is a long handle with a suction cup at the bottom that allows you to pick up balls without bending over, AND the BEST part is that you don't get your hands all slobbery! It will only set you back  $10.00 and it will last you for years.

 If you dog loves to retrieve you have to have this toy.


Chuckit! Ball Launcher (Colors Vary)

If Your Dog Loves To Retrieve You Have To Get One

2.) Kong Extreme Dog Toy

The Next toy that I am going to talk about is the Kong Extreme Dog Toy. This ball of rubber is well worth the money. Not only is it extremely durable and can handle even the worst of chewers, but it has a place where you can place treats to keep your furry friend busy for hours!

You can get these toys in many different colors and sizes depending on your specific need. I love this toy because it is what I call a "Time Killer Toy". It allows you to get some work done around the house while your dog is extremely happy trying to get the next treat to fall out. 

KONG Extreme Dog Toy

2.) Kong Extreme Dog Toy

3.) Nylabone Wishbone Original Dog Chew Toy

The last toy on this list is one of my all time favorites. The Nylabone Wishbone toy is a toy that my dog could not get enough of. Dolly, who is my Golden Retriever is an absolute terrible chewer. She will chew through anything. We had racked up so many bills on dog toys trying to find one that she would not demolish in a day. We stumbled upon one of these toys at the dog park one day and went immediately to the pet store. When Dolly sank her teeth into the Wishbone she couldn't chew it up like the others and this was such a relief. If you have a dog that chews up every other toy, give this one a try.

This is also a great alternative to rawhide, if you believe that your dog eats to many rawhide bones.