Tanzania Safari Beauty; The Ngorongoro Crater

One of the most beautiful safari regions available to you on a Tanzania safari is the Ngorongoro Crater. The world’s largest intact caldera forms one of Africa’s most scenically beautiful areas and is filled with wildlife, over 30,000 animals in fact. The vastness of this area is enough to take your breath away; measuring about ten miles wide and 2000 feet deep, the crater is the result of a catastrophic explosion that blew up a 20,000 foot volcano millions of years ago. Now a World Heritage Site, the Ngorongoro Crater is an absolute must for a Tanzania safari as you’re guaranteed to see the big five and experience a unique safari in a magnificent setting. Game drives are the best way to explore the area  combined with a stop off in one of the picnic spots where guests can enjoy a rustic bush lunch on the crater floor.

The Endless Plains of the Serengeti

As one of the world’s greatest and most famous wildlife habitats, a safari in the Serengeti is exactly how you’d expect it to be; full of action with free roaming wildlife, classic east African scenery and a full range of safari activities. Its rich grazing grounds have attracted many photographers, documentary makers and writers over the years, as well as those holidaymakers who come to appreciate its spectacular wilderness and beauty on a Tanzania safari. Covering 30,000 square kilometres of Northern Tanzania, the ‘Serengit’ which means ‘endless plains’ is a fantastic place to take a safari and if you’re lucky you may just get to witness the world famous wildebeest migration. Planning a Tanzania safari during the migration is highly recommended as you’ll see the herds in their thousands move to fresher pastures with a whole lot of action in between. As the 2 million wildebeest, zebra and Thomson's gazelle take on the epic journey to the Masai Mara in Kenya, they face many challenges, predators being just one. This is an amazing event to witness on holiday with your family and/or friends and you can see it from a hot air balloon, a game drive or a mobile camping safari where you can follow the herds closely.

Tanzania Safari Adventure; Mount Kilimanjaro

Whilst you’re in Tanzania, combine your safari with a visit to Mount Kilimanjaro. Whether you want to stand in awe firmly on the ground or try your hand at climbing the 19,340 foot mountain, you can do so on a Tanzania safari. Climbing Africa’s highest mountain is not a decision to be taken lightly and although you do not need any technical expertise, it is a tough and exhausting challenge so you need to be fairly fit and determined to take it on. There are several different routes to the summit of Kilimanjaro, some longer, some busier and some more scenic. One thing’s for sure, when you are at the top you can witness some truly incredible views.