Frisbees make great interactive dog toys
Got a hyper pooch who is threatening to eat your couch? Why not give dog frisbees a whirl? Frisbee dog toys give dogs lots of exercise and interaction with their owners, but let dog owners kick back and relax. If you have a big back yard, crack open a beer, put your feet up and play frisbee fetch with your dog.

There are a variety of dog frisbees on the market, but before you spend any money on frisbee dog toys, try a regular plastic one from the toy store to see if your dog likes frisbees. Once you know your dog is interested and willing to play frisbee with you, splurge on one of the frisbee dog toys listed below. You will want a frisbee made specifically for dogs because the plastic ones crack and can cut a dog's mouth. Dog frisbees are made of softer, more durable materials that will not injure your dog's mouth.

1. The Booda Floppy Disc is a five-star interactive dog toy. Dog owners report that this disc is light weight enough to get some height and distance. Some dogs actually prefer the floppy disc over harder, heavier dog frisbees. The floppy disc is also difficult for dogs to destroy and is machine washable, although some users reported fading after washing. This dog frisbee costs around $15.

2.The Starmark Easy Glider is well rated by dog owners. Made of foam, it floats on water making it ideal for water play. It also comes with a training guide in case you want some help playing with dog frisbees. Many dog owners report that they've owned their Starmark easy glider for over a year and that it is very easy to throw. It's also a cinch to clean with a quick rinse in the kitchen sink. This dog frisbee retails for around $15.

3.The Kong Rubber Flyer is another popular frisbee dog toy. Made of heavy duty rubber, it resists chewing and can be rinsed in the kitchen sink. Some dog owners, however, felt that the Kong frisbee was too heavy and didn't 'fly' well. On the flip side, for dogs with jaws of steel, the heavy rubber may make this an ideal dog frisbee. Definitely consider the Kong Rubber Flyer for strong jawed dogs. Cost for this great example of interactive dog toys is around $5.

Before playing frisbee fetch, be sure your dog has healthy hips and can tolerate jumping. Puppies are generally advised to avoid jumping during the first year to protect growing hip joints,especially for breeds like Labrador Retrievers that are known to have hip problems. Meaning, dog frisbees may not be a good idea for a growing puppy.

Introduce frisbee dog toys gradually. Just like humans can't jump up off the couch and run a marathon without some training, dogs need to ease into increased physical activity. Start out with short throws and work up to longer distances. Slowly increase both duration of the play session as well as the distance the dog has to run or jump to retrieve the frisbee.

To ensure Fido will love his Frisbee, use it as a serving dish for a small treat. Once Fido associates dog frisbees with food, there will be no stopping him.

Also, keep in mind that frisbee dog toys are not chew toys. Dogs can destroy dog frisbees if they are allowed to chew on them so store the frisbee out of sight between games of fetch.

Photo Credit: Paule858