While it may seem like summer just started, Halloween is just around the corner. Don't get stuck dressing as a clown again! This year, you'll be dressed in one of the most funny Halloween costume options available. All it takes is a bit of thinking outside of the box. Impress your friends with your authenticity this coming spooky season. Let's see what you can come up with, shall we?

Funny Halloween Costume #3: A certain celebrity
While dressing as Lady Gaga or Jason DeRulo can definitely give you compliments if accomplished correctly, it takes a special kind of celebrity to qualify as a funny Lady Gaga (26600)Halloween costume in my book. The important thing to garner the most humor from your trick-or-treating outfit is to select a celebrity with a special significance to the people you are friends with. You score brownie points if it's someone that no one else knows about. After all, the best compliment is a confused stare.

Last year, for instance, I dressed as this woman, which my friends and I affectionately call "Hu lady." Her emphatic dialog about little red flags and "aligning yourself within" have become a staple of humor among my social circles. A few years back, I dressed as Kelly (the singer of "Shoes" and the artist behind "Muffins"), whose videos were the first to demonstrate to me and my friends how hilarious the Internet could be.

My own uncle didn't recognize me, and called that night asking why I didn't come trick-or-treating.

The point is that you need to pick a celebrity that is significant to you for a special reason, and not solely for the fact that they are popular, in order to have a truly funny Halloween costume. Look through the Internet to get a good feel for their wardrobe, and purchase items with care. You're most likely to find what you need online, either in retail websites or on used goods sites.

Funny Halloween Costume #2: Someone else
My personal favorite funny Halloween costume is, well, someone else. Of course, this can't just be some random person on the streets. Select someone that people in your social circle have inside jokes about. Even better, dress as someone else from the group.

The important thing with this funny Halloween costume idea is to get supplies to exaggerate the qualities of these people. For instance, if you want to dress as the local blonde bimbo, you may want to invest in an unrealistically blonde wig and incredibly tacky make-up. In addition, if this person has a unique characteristic, such as a beauty mark or a history of wearing too much eyeliner, be sure to accommodate. You may be able to purchase a standard Halloween costume for this purpose, using only the parts that fit the character of this person.

Perhaps the most important element to successfully pulling off this funny Halloween costume is your mannerisms. You will be portraying the character of this person; thus, acting like them is a must. Use phrases they use, walk the way they walk, and make comments jesting at their personality. If you can, find the person and show off your mad skills. Of course, you may want to select a person that will be cool with it and laugh with you, rather than egg your house and summon spirits at midnight to haunt you.

Finally, remember that what goes around, comes around. Don't be surprised if someone decides to give you a dose of your own medicine next year!

Funny Halloween Costume #1: Yourself
Of course, you can completely avoid the danger of being made You!fun of and do it yourself! This funny Halloween costume requires a sufficient self-esteem, a bit of masochism, and a heck of a lot more creativity than you would think. You can't simply go in your normal clothing to be funny, oh no. You must do some deep soul-searching and really discover what aspects of your personality are unique. Consider talking to some friends nonchalantly to get a greater scope on yourself.

Armed with enough information, you can then begin planning your outfit. Remember that you cannot be sued for offending yourself, so go as far out there as your emotional stability will let you. If you get made fun of for working as a janitor at McDonald's, consider wearing your work outfit with a badge that states, "I Make Minimum Wage." If you're infamous for getting stuffed into a trash can in the sixth grade, consider renting a portable trash can and having one of your friends push you. Or, maybe you're just a geek. Wear thick glasses, don a polo shirt with pen, keep a calculator visible in the pocket of your geeky pants, and take a snort of saline spray when asking, "Trick or Treat?"

Much like you would if you wanted to dress as someone else, make this funny Halloween costume work by not being afraid to exaggerate your own quirks. Let the world know that you are much freakier than any vampire or ghost!

With these three funny Halloween costume ideas, you're bound to make your spooky night a hoot. Get out there and see what your creative mind can scrounge up.