Diet plans need to be healthy to work. Otherwise, the diet will do more harm than good. Here are a few healthy diet plans that have recently risen in popularity.

First, there is the Low-Carb Diet. As you may have guessed, this diet involves eating healthy foods with a low carbohydrate count. This includes eating lean meats, egg whites, and vegetables.

Unlike other plans, this diet allows for the occasional snack. Snacks are good because they keep the metabolism up. Fruits, vegetables, and crackers are examples of healthy snacks. Snacks should be scattered throughout the day.

Remember, there is a fine line between eating a snack and eating a meal. If too many snacks are ingested in one sitting, then snack time may have turned into brunch.

Foods with a high carbohydrate count, like pasta, bread, and potatoes, are strictly forbidden in this diet. Some healthy plans allow for such escapes, but the low carb diet is not one of them.

The next diet is called the High Protein Diet. This diet is popular because protein rich foods are known to appease hunger faster than other foods. Also, meat addicts gravitate toward this diet, because it lets them keep eating what they love.

On the other hand, vegetarians can also take advantage of this diet. Fish, turkey, chicken, beans, and nuts are examples of foods high in protein. Some diet plans steer away from meats like beef, but with this one, all high protein foods are allowed. That said, a popular form of this diet uses high-quality foods.

A rule of thumb: the quality of a diet directly relates to the quality of the food. With this diet, as well as other plans, it would be wise to drink water rather than snacking. Water is calorie free, but still fills up the empty spaces in the stomach.

Finally, there is the Low-Calorie Diet. Simply put, to cut calories is to cut flab. The human body will burn a certain number of calories every day. Even if a person slept for 24 hours, they would still burn over a thousand calories.

The trick to this diet is to count the number of calories taken into the body. If the body is able to burn more calories than it takes in, then the body will lose weight. This diet is more food friendly than other plans.

Theoretically, a person could eat anything on this diet, as long as they ate only a few calories of it. In actual practice though, it is better to choose healthy foods. Simply put, healthy foods make a healthy diet.

It is important to note that to keep this diet healthy a person should still eat an appropriate amount. Keeping caloric intake low is not synonymous with starvation. These three healthy diet plans have been proven to work.

The plans are very different from each other, which is good because a diet needs to fit and everyone is shaped differently. Here's to hoping that shape gets a little slimmer.