Top 3 Most Successful Art Kickstarter Projects Of All-time in Art. (or since 2009!)

To be great you must study greatness. If you want to start your own successful kickstarter campaign then you should study the best of the best kickstarters already funded. Below are the three top kickstarter campaigns in the group of Art.

1.) Ukiyo-e Heros (Jed Henry)

Original Goal- $10,400
Actual Amount Backed- $313,341
Total Number of Backers- 2,422

The Project: Ukiyo-e Hero’s by Jed Henry are woodblock prints designed in the Japanese style of art call Ukiyo-e. Jeb is one of the premier woodblock artist. The style was used in ancient China and Jed has spent 30 years perfecting the art form of woodblock painting. Ukiyo-e Heros is a who prodigy of prints depicting heros and villans straight from Jeb’s design.

Why it was successful: Jeb had a very strong and passionate following before using Kickstarter to crowdfund the project. This helped significantly and it showed when the project hit it’s goal on the first day. By the end of the project Ukiyo-e Heros had 6,841 likes on facebook alone. It goes to show that developing your media and social following before you start your project is imperative. After that Ukiyo-e Heros was featured because of the quick success it was seeing and remained in the “What’s Hot Category” for most of its campaign.  

2.) FlipBookit

Original Goal- $5,000

Actual Amount Backed- $137,537

Total Number of Backers- 1,856

The Project- This project is a flipbookit that allows you to create your own flipbook like back in the good ole days. There are a couple of models that you could get via rewards including the Drsteampunk which actually uses a motor built inside the flipbookit. These kits take a lot of prints in a Rolodex style box that spins the pictures to make the photos look like they are moving.

Why it was Successful- This project is what we call a diamond valued project. A diamond gets its value based on the idea that the gem is rare and therefore valuable. Flipbookit had many limited rewards that they did not budge on. If they were only able to give out 5 Drsteampunk as a limited reward and it filled they did not offer another reward of the same time again the rewards were truly limited based off of the parts availability. This created a hustle every time there was a new update and new reward because you didn’t want to miss out on the fun.  

3.) Naked Sea – Spencer Tunick Dead Sea Installation ( Ari Fruchter)

Original Goal- $60,000
Actual Amount Backed- $116,270
Total Number of Backers- 706

Project- This was a unique project asking backers to help get an artist Spencer Tunick to the dead sea to help awareness of how important the body of water is for surrounding countries. Spencer Tunick is famous for going around the world’s most famous cities and photography nude humans in mainstream places. Spencer always uses his art to tackle a lot of political issues and now the head of this kickstarter, Ari Frutcher, would like to have Spencer come to Israel to help champion this cause.

Why it was successful The story is so compelling leaving the kickstarter website without donating made you feel a bit guilty. Kickstarter campaigns that can jump from the web page and grab your attention are always successful. Developing your story to prove there is a problem that needs fixing and your campaign will solve the problem, it will almost always be successful.