The "love handles" or oblique muscle, is a common problem area for most men and some women too. If you want to have a tight and toned mid-section, you must have strong, well-defined obliques. When the body has extra fat storage here, it can take away from the washboard look you are after. I have compiled a list of the 3 most effective exercise that you could do to work the obliques and help you on your way to a tighter ab region. I would recommend that you do 3 sets to failure for each of these exercises a minimum of 3 times a week for best results:

1. Ab Tilts


To isolate the muscles of the love handles (oblique's)

ab tiltsExecution:

-Start by grasping a dumbbell in one hand while standing up straight with both hands on either side of you.

-Then slowly lower the dumbbell down one side of you (inhale) making absolutely sure that your back stays completely straight and both shoulders remain facing forward.

-With your opposite hand on your hip, return back to the starting position

2. Side Crunches


To develop the side muscles of the stomach (obliquus externus abdominis).

Side CrunchesExecution:

-Lie down on your right side in a fetal position on the mat.

-Turn your left shoulder over so that both shoulder blades are now flat against the mat while keeping your lower body pointing to the side.

-With your left hand behind your head and your right hand on your left waist, crunch up slowly until your right shoulder has raised off the mat ensuring your knees remain touching and on the mat (exhale).

-Lower yourself down to the starting position (inhale) and then repeat with the same side for a complete set before switching sides.

3. Bicycle crunches


To develop the muscles of the stomach (rectus abdominis) and side (obliques).

bike crunchesExecution:

-Start by laying flat on the floor with both knees bent.

-Bring both knees up off the floor until your upper leg is parallel with the floor.

-Crunch up until both shoulder blades come off the ground and then twist your upper body so that one elbow touches your opposite knee (exhale).

-Slowly return your upper body to the starting position and then repeat on the other side.

-Continue alternating each side until the desired number of repetitions are achieved.