Here are 3 places to visit in Texas the next time your in the State.

Texas is a huge state. Only somewhat smaller than Alaska, it's easily the largest state in the Lower 48. Texas also is a state that is really rich in history. This makes it one of the top attractions for families that are on vacation. But out of all the attractions, which ones are a "must" see? Here's my pick of the Top 3 places to visit in Texas. If you don't get to see them, you're going to wish you had!

The Alamo - No visit to Texas is complete without seeing the Alamo. In fact, it's almost non-Texan to not see it! The Alamo is located in San Antonio and will take you an hour or so to go through. The nice thing about this attraction is that you can then take a float down the San Antonio river that runs through downtown San Antonio. The Riverwalk is worth the visit in itself, but The Alamo puts a visit over the top! As if you needed more, just  a few miles North of San Antonio are the Outlet stores. These are so popular, that some bus companies organize bus tours from around the state to bring people there to shop.

Battleship TEXAS and the San Jacinto Battleground - Why two attractions? Because they're both in the same place! The San Jacinto battleground is the place where the Texans defeated the Mexican Army lead by General Santa Ana during the war of Texas Independence.This was the pivotal battle where a much smaller Texas force overwhelmed and defeated the larger Mexican Army. The modern historical landmark consist the 1200 acre historical site and monument.

In 1948 the Battleship TEXAS was decommissioned and presented to the State of Texas on the 100th anniversary of Texas Independence and commissioned as the flagship of the Texas Navy. Both attractions are located near LaPorte Texas on the Buffalo Bayou. The Battleship TEXAS boasts many firsts for the U.S. Navy while it was performing its duties. Among these include the first aircraft launch from a U.S. ship, the first U.S. Navy vessel to have radar and the first U.S. Navy ship to have anti-aircraft guns mounted.

Padre Island National Seashore - It seems when the Texas coast is discussed , many people talk about Galveston further up the coast near Louisiana. However if you miss Padre Island, you're missing the best of the Texas Coast. Padre Island has the blue clear water that so many people think of when they think of the Caribbean. Galveston on the other hand tends have murky to muddy waters most times of the year. A big reason for this is that the upper Gulf is shallower and the strong Southern winds whips up the Gulf. Whatever the reason, if you want a great get-a-way with beautiful sandy beaches and blue water, head down to Padre Island! Padre Island is the worlds longest barrier Island so you'll have plenty of places to camp. But beware, be sure to take plenty of supplies as once you get out there, there's no services for many miles. A minor break down can become a major ordeal if you're not prepared.

Most people, residents and non-residents alike, would agree that South Padre is the best places to go if you want a quiet and relaxing stay. North Padre tends to be more commercialized. It also tends have larger crowds.

While there are literally hundreds of places to see in Texas, I strongly believe these 3 are by far and away the best Texas has to offer. They're the heart and soul of Texas and after visiting each one, you'll come away with a little sense of what makes Texas one of the greatest states in the Union!