I would like to say that every single one of my clients that I have ever trained reached their ultimate goals, but I can't. When I first started out on the web, I used to use the slogan; "All I can do is show you the door!" I still believe this is the case but I don't use it anymore because a few people took it literally and interpreted it as me showing them the door to leave? In essence, I would love to not only show you the door, but open it for you and push you into the right direction but I literally cannot follow people around all day to ensure that each and every decision they make is in line with their fitness goals.

The fact of the matter is that it takes time for the body to morph into what you aspire it to look like and people can get distracted along the way.

home workout #5

Working out from home is an easy and inexpensive way to get fit. But, like all workout programs, there are a few traps preventing you from reaching your goal. Are you falling into a home gym trap? Follow these tips and you'll be beach ready in no time.

Set time aside everyday for fitness.

One of the most common reasons why people fail in their exercise programs is a lack of time. Time is everything and without a clear, well-defined commitment in place you are setting yourself up for failure. Consistency is crucial to achieving results. Infrequent or sporadic workout bouts are great for health and maintaining your fitness levels but if you want to see significant results you have to be regular with your workout efforts. That said, it is important to set out a specific time to complete your workouts and schedule everything around that. Focus a specific time of your day to your workout, and you will see results sooner.

Focus on your workout.

One of the biggest problems with working out at home is that you are at home. Distractions can be very toxic to a home-based workout program and it is important that you put yourself in the right mindset to stay focused throughout your workout. Once you decide to begin an exercise session your heart rate is elevated and your body is warmed up and ready for activity. But if you are breaking every 10 minutes to answer the phone for example, you allow your body to cool off which will decrease your total workout benefits or even worse, can lead to injury. So to maximize your workout efficiency, make yourself unavailable for the time being. Let your answering machine pick up your calls and try not to multi-task at the same time to prevent you from forgetting what you were doing in the first place.

Couch or Cardio?

When we are at home and in our element, and away from the stresses of work or school, we tend to get comfortable. Setting a routine time for your workouts each day, will help you stay on track. Watching TV during your cardio, for example, is a good way to stick to a routine, and pass the time during your workouts.If you are looking for a good home-based workout program to get you started, you can get a free plan from one80.com, a free online personal training website.