Top 3 Reasons Why Top Social Media Bloggers Are Clueless

There was a time when being cool was having the latest hairstyle of wearing a the most fancy and fashionable pair of shoes. Today, everything seems to be about socializing and having fake friends online. There are those who think Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are the best invention of the last hundred years. These intellectually challenged generations of “lol” writers don’t have a clue about what they are talking about. You can at least give them a “candy” for trying. Anyone that tells you that the Huffington Post is a blog, must be an idiot. Anyone who thinks having thousands of Facebook friends is synonymous of being popular needs to get out of his mother’s basement and stop wearing those superman underpants. Social media are here to stay but most of them will fail because they don’t have  good monetization plan. The reason for this is, they depend on user generated content to stay relevant but, not in the same vein as Wikipedia. Those who feed the Wikipedia beast got their degrees from a university whilst those who populate social media sites just download theirs online. Yes, that is generalization and I should be ashamed of myself for saying that but there is no ‘flame without fire’.

Predicting the future -  A lot of top social media bloggers try to be intelligent, they will try to tell you about the best strategies in social media marketing. They often sound like weather channels telling you that it will rain but with sufficient details. You want to know at what time of the day it will rain so that you can plan your day. Social media bloggers are just playing a guessing game because nobody can safely predict the future of online marketing. Who could have guessed a few years ago that Pinterest will be a site that will become a major player online? What happened to sites like SheToldMe  and other bookmarking ventures that got pandalized? There are those who are predicting that Google will soon by Pinterest like they did with Youtube. You don’t know that, and it shows how clueless some top social media bloggers are.

Help your online marketing strategy – Any blogger that promises fast and easy results in the SERPs need to be working for Google or have his own search engine. Just because you have a few posts about what is trending online doesn’t make you a marketing guru. You have two Facebook and Twitter followers consisting on your mother and your dog Scruffy. That will not make the grades. Online marketing is as volatile as the wind. There are strategies but only a clueless blogger will boast about the best online marketing strategy because the fact is, there is nothing like a one size fits all.

Getting idea from others – Most top 10 social media bloggers tend to know each other and have a sort of mutual understanding in the club. You talk about me and I talk about you. We meet up and talk about what it feels to be the elite of the blogging world. The best way to flatter a social media blog is to write a list of the Best Top 10 Social Bloggers. Those on the list will come and comment on your site and thank you for putting up a great list. The others left out will dismiss your list as a load of worthless drivels. There is nothing wrong with that because the Oscars, Emmys and MOBO awards are just as narcissistic self-congratulating. You can’t blame the player because you know you will gladly join the ranks if only you were invited. There is really nothing new in the world of blogosphere.

Is this post about hating on social media bloggers? Yes, and that is what they get for being famous!(jealousy?)

Being clueless is good for business because someone has to pay for it. There are those who prefer a medicated solution. That is to say, they think all social media bloggers are a bunch of money grabbers touting their skills to unsuspecting companies. No matter what you think, social media bloggers know a little more than your average marketing director when it comes to online marketing. Throwing money at your marketing strategy isn’t going to get you what you want if you don’t know what you are doing. Online marketing is not all about social medial. Don’t get smoked along by the buzz. You need to understand what your business does and how to connect with potential buyers.